Friday, October 31, 2014

Pinterest Inspiration: October 2014

Another month bites the dust and tomorrow I can officially think my Christmas thoughts out loud without the guilt of it isn't even Halloween yet. I can walk down the one aisle that is setup in Target and look carefully at the wonderful selections that are starting to roll in without worrying that someone is looking at me like the crazy Christmas lady humming "bells will be ringing... a sad sad tune, oh what a Christmas to have the blues"
One of the treats of living in Canada is not the high gas prices but the fact that Thanksgiving is over in October with the fall leaves and once Halloween is over it is fair game for glitter.
Who am I kidding, people still give you the grinch face right up until the day before Christmas in stores when you are humming but, I am choosing to ignore those people this year and have myself a joyous little season. To help with that season, LOCALS I HAVE NEWS TOMORROW, BE SURE TO COME BACK!

So for today, Happy Halloween, my pumpkins are carved and I managed to not let my husband eat all the candy before the kids arrived, Trust me that is a feat!

What has been inspiring this month, 

this gallery wall with female portraits goes straight to me heart. i love the tones and the different mediums all mixed together

Cool passage under stairs 

are they kidding me with that stone archway. me wants!!!!!


Kitchen Island 

love the mix in this kitchen.

Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze

A Peek into the Studio

the wonderful lauren liess. not tired of botanical charts even a little

The Gray Door’s Donna Temple Brown's own kitchen... 

one of my favourite unfitted kitchens.

love that sink! 

industrial cart & the andrews sisters - Miss Mustard Seed

 we have a few of these carts and of course  don't need another but i really love the white top on this found one.

Well that's it for me today folks. 

Have a spooktacular day,






  1. The second to the last picture: the water is running, and there is no drain pipe. odd.

  2. Great inspiration photos, Meg. I love the leather sofa in the Lauren Liess pic. Ha ha fair game for glitter indeed! I might have been checking out Canadian Tire's Christmas aisle this week, trying to convince myself that I really don't need more decorations. The decorations might have won that argument. I agreee that it is wonderful that our Thanksgiving is before Halloween.

  3. I always enjoy your Pinterest collections. You have a great eye for style and comfort-thanks for sharing these beautiful images!


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