Thursday, October 2, 2014

A black buffet and thoughts on recent readings.

Hey all.

Another furniture share today but before we get to that there has been a whole lot of commenting, sharing and opinionating (new word lol) about the state of the home decor blogs out there and the direction many have taken to become only money making machines. I know many of you write blogs and many of you only read for the enjoyment of it. I started my blog as has been stated before to chronicle the renovations of our at the time new home and to catalogue my brainwaves of seasonal decor to look back on with a little shopping and travel thrown in for good measure. I love the idea that bloggers and in most cases women are being able to create careers to support their families. I do not agree however with the home decor blogs that all of a sudden turn into sponsored post story tellers trying to fit it into their content. Whether you realize it or not, I turn away approx 10-20 emails a week of people offering me product and guest posts that have generally nothing to do with my blog. I take photos because I love my camera and the art of photography and spend my lunch hours editing photos and nights writing posts. I don't generally do things/buy things for our home to just use them for the blog. You are actually seeing the wackiness of my brain and the actual amount of change I do in our house for the seasons. Like right now for instance my brain is envisioning black velvet drapes in our bedroom.
Some nights when writing I am more chatty than others and I truly enjoy styling my furniture to share with you and fluffing/chopping my pillows (i know some of you are against the chop). I hope that as bloggers change and hopefully for the better, you continue to come and enjoy the changes in our home, the travels we venture on, the furniture I redo, the growth of our business, my sometimes negativity that comes with life and the pillows, oh the pillows.

Today's redo is a great oak buffet that just needed a bit of updating. As is true to the way my mind works, oak always tells me milk paint. I used #missmustardseedmilkpaint in #typewriter. I did 3 coats and then applied a good dose of hemp oil to darken the paint into the black finish. I replaced the hardware with black and greige knobs from hobby lobby.

i did the styling with this piece fall style. it has a rustic "i'm the black dress in the room you want" feel. The black feels subtle but BAM at the same time

again while using the milk paint i got 1 1cmx1cm chip. just 1. i don't know if i am doing something on purpose but this paint has never reacted badly to me and i don't get the excessive chipping others are talking about even when i am trying.


i just love the depth that real milk paint adds to a really aged piece. it actually continues to make the piece feel old and true to history while giving it an update.

the vignette

you can see that i removed the traditional tiny mirror on the back and as well as the appliques on the doors. 

Have a fantastic day and don't forget to send a few friendly comments towards your favourite hardworking bloggers out there. I am guilty of this myself but we are all busy and we need to make an effort to continue to keep this community full of creative information, positive outlook and kindness or it will be cease to exist in the ways we have come to enjoy.



  1. Another beauty and of course I LOVE the vignette!!

  2. love the buffet and i second your comments! what makes me laugh is when people say i "make a living" on my blog. if you can make a living off $150 a month which pretty much just back into the blog, then i am rolling in it. because like you i turn most things away, and only work with brands i like and support and the only real income is from the google ads which is like i said about $150 a month. ha. i could feed a family of 8. i should just have more kids.

  3. Love your buffet and reading your blog!

  4. Yay on what you said about blogging. Sometimes I think if I read another sponsored blog I will scream...even if there is a good idea worth committing to memory. There are some blogs that take on some sponsors, but they remain true to themselves. Most are contrived, and I know they are an informercial right away and get out of there. Love your project, BTW, which IS the point of your blog!

  5. I love that you took off the appliques which is surprising me because usually the more floof the happier I am. It actually seems like they were an after thought. When you took them off did it seem as though they were added at a later time?

  6. Gorgeous! I love how milk paint looks on oak too. I am guessing that is why you don't get much chipping because you use it on oak and the grain soaks up the paint. Love your blog and the authenticity of it. That is the kind of blog I prefer to read and write as opposed to commercialized ones.

  7. Well said and good for standing your ground! You have a great talent and love that we share the love for antique furniture makeovers together :)

  8. Good for you for speaking out, Meg! I blog for fun, and maybe just maybe, I'll share something that some other blogger likes and/or can use. Like you, I really enjoy decorating our home and taking pictures. Your brain may be wackier than mine, but I do come up with some "brilliant...cough, cough" ideas on occasion. I'm much older than many bloggers I follow, so I have to chuckle over some of their purchases that are suppose to be real bargains -- what? Doesn't sound like a bargain to me! I'm also totally convinced that there are pieces of furniture that have been re-painted so many times just for the sake of a blog post, that those pieces could easily remain standing just on paint alone. Oh, and don't even get me started on "collections!" Just one more rant -- those sponsored ads that pop up on the bottom of your screen when you are trying to read a blog are enough to drive me crazy (probably others, too)!

    Okay, now about oak looks beautiful in its new color! I think you've done a great job on making just a bit shabby but not over-the-top. I really like the knobs, and the vignette on top is so very lovely!

  9. what a beautiful finish, Meg! now she's got a whole new elegant life to live in her LBD :-)

    you are so right about the commercial deterioration of some blogs, but I bet people clue in to it pretty quickly when they realize they're just being sold to. It doesn't take much for me to feel the vibe change when a blog I used to love switches focus into a nonstop sales pitch.
    thankfully yours is a wonderful as ever! thank you for your posts, I really enjoy them.

  10. Does the hemp oil protect the paint like a polyurethane does? I also paint furniture but have never tried any type of oil like I have seen on other blogs. Just curious about it. Thanks! You have gorgeous style and do a great job on your furniture painting!

  11. I adore your style and your vignettes which is the main reason I read your blog. The other is precisely because you aren't spruiking for sponsored products! I have stopped reading a great many blogs for that reason which is a shame because I love their style, but the posts have become impersonal, imho. I blogged for years but stopped because the work I put into it (without being paid) wasn't worth the volume of criticism I was getting. A small percentage of the overall readers, sure, but it took all the fun out of it to wake up each morning to such negativity. I really enjoy your posts because your obvious enjoyment in what you are doing shines through! Plus, I covet your decor ;-)

  12. Before I knew what a blog was, it was one of your kitchen photos that inspired my entire kitchen makeover! I love your style and this buffet is no exception. I think I would have been very afraid to paint this particular piece but it looks gorgeous. Thank you for sharing!

  13. Hi! I love reading your blog and enjoy your photos and ideas you share. I am one of those readers that don't comment very often and the reason being is that I read my blogs on blogger. Sometimes you can comment but sometimes you have to click over to view in safari before you can leave a comment. I guess I am either too lazy to do so, or I don't think my comment really matters any way. Just wanted to tell you at least once that I'm out here reading your blog and I really do love it!

    1. thanks for commenting. it's always nice to know people are out there. have a great day

  14. What a great piece. I've been drawn to black lately, and I'm thinking it's just the right direction for a little desk of mine...
    Love the authenticity, and it's nice to know that you DO turn people away that aren't relevant to your content. It make me like you even more :)


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