Thursday, September 4, 2014

To the Boudoir my little wardrobe

Good morning friends.

I have a sweet wardrobe to share with you today. It isn't too big, it isn't too small, it's like the Goldilocks of wardrobes. It could live just about anywhere, a bedroom, a bathroom, a walk in closet room if you had one big enough.

I decided on just a simple white finish for this one as it just had that "I'm romantic" look to it.

I used #generalfinishes #antiquewhite and replaced the hardware with some "crystal" and old brass hardware from #hobbylobby

i added some age to this piece with more distressing than i usually pull out and a lot of mms antiquing wax in the grooves. stark white was not making this piece yell boudoir like it was telling me. 

this photo has not much to do with the piece but more the piece of sculpture on top. i acquired a few bits and pieces from an altar from the 1800's that someone sliced up and they were going to basically go in the garbage. this is the largest piece and works perfectly standing up as a display piece like this on a dresser or in a cabinet of bits and bobs or on a shelf with a pile of books. they are intricate and lovely and i couldn't let them go to waste. i will be listing some of the pieces in the etsy store soon.

as you can see, there was a design in the middle of the door. i added a few coats of wood filler to get rid of it so the door appeared more simple and let the hardware and aging take the stage. for some reason it just didn't feel like it went.
this wardrobe was just unremarkable before and felt old and tired.

Have a great day all,



  1. ooooh what a pretty piece! and hello new blog look- love it!

  2. It looks beautiful in the new finish. One of those great pieces that would suit many places in a home.

  3. Will this be at the sale, or will you be finding a place for it in your home?

    1. hey maria, it will be at the sale and would love to come live at your house :)


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