Thursday, September 11, 2014

Pretty Weeds

Not too much to say today. A tiring work week leads to my day off to work at home today. Lots of pillow makings and dresser finishings for the show happening and if I am quite energetic after my Matsa tea (anyone else get into this energy green tea booster?) I may just paint our front doors that have been chipping away.

Cooler weather finally rolled in this morning letting me enjoy the fall decor without pumpkins that I added each night this week.

Pretty weeds in the dining room to share today in an antique battery jar.

Have a good one all,



  1. If that is Goldenrod, my head would explode from sneezing. Pretty though.

    1. it is goldenrod karol but neither of us fortunately have seasonal allergies so pretty without side effects it is.

  2. Some weeds make the most beautiful statement. Gorgoeus. And so is your table. Deb

  3. These are pretty! Some people here call day lilies and black eyes Susan's weeds!

    Jane xx

  4. Love the Vibrant Yellow! Weeds or not. :0)


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