Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Linen Dresser, some listing and any suggestion?

Happy Tuesday.
I finished up this lovely dresser last week and added it to the mound for the show. Are you coming? Have you joined our event page? 
I'll be truthful for a moment, there has been a lot of real crap going on in my work life and I had a run in last night with one of "those" customers so, what I really want to do today is go back to bed and hide under the covers but keep on truckin' I will. Reading all the wonderful sunshine comments about Franklin and our office yesterday are doing some major spirit lifting so thanks to all of you wonderful faceless people out there.

This dresser is actually part of a set we picked up a few weeks ago but I am only getting around to this one for the show. I left the original brass hardware and gave it a simple finish with #generalfinishes #linen #milkpaint.
The wood detailing on the bottom half really stands out with the paint.

"the vignette"


I also did some more etsy listing last night so go check it out.

We are planning our next pre-show road trip. We leave Thursday for Ohio, Nashville and Asheville. Any food/shopping or scenic suggestions?

Have a great day all,


miss mustard seed 
savvy southern style   


  1. holy wow that dresser is a stunner! and way to go to keep on truckin- don't let them bring you down! XOXO

  2. How did you "erase" the criss-cross design? It IS amazing how paint doesn't hide or cover up but enhances certain details. Stunning. Just remember...there are so few of THOSE people around, and there are so many wonderful ones. It's too bad that a bad encounter seemingly makes so much more of an impact. We are nice, and we expect others to treat us as we do them. When that doesn't happen, it throws us for a loop. The good ones greatly outweigh the bad. I hope the air clears soon so you can appreciate the good that is so much more prevalent. Best wishes!

  3. The details on this one are so pretty and I'm now thinking GF Linen is what I may be buying soon. The Snow White is pretty but also pretty bright. Difficult people in our work environments is never fun and we often don't even have control over what they are supposedly miffed about. Or sometimes just plain rude about. Hoping your week only gets better. Just remember that as your business continues to grow you may have more opportunities to work in that current environment less often or not at all. Hang in there!


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