Monday, September 29, 2014

Autumn in the dining room

Good Monday morning everyone.
We have just returned from our whirlwind road trip in the States, lots to come about that I promise and what we brought home. Please forgive me this week if I don't answer your emails in a timely matter. All of this weeks posts were written Sunday as we are show prepping after work all week so it won't leave much time for anything but instagram, because there is always time for instagram.

Today I thought we could continue into the dining room for some fall splendour. I like to keep the themey decorations aside so we don't exactly add Halloween decorations but more items that can last until November 1 when I tear into Christmas.

i came across these chicken feeder bases and bought a whole bunch for the show. the possibilities are endless. this one is decorated for fall with gourds, pumpkins, pears, antique bottles and dried sunflowers. i had one planted with a whole bunch of tropicals. they can be flipped over for a pedestal/tray. i used one in the front hall on top of our urn to support a demijohn. if there are any left i will add them to the etsy shop.

speaking of etsy shop. the shop will be closed for the week just for sanity purposes.

i loved kim from savvy southern style's take on her fall front door with peach basket filled with apples so, i shamelessly borrowed the idea with smaller baskets for the dining room doors.

i found these small white shoe forms on our trip and added them to my collection. i love shoe forms for some reason, wood, metal, plastic it doesn't matter. maybe one day i will put them all in one area for some pizzazz.

i also found this great mustard bundt pan on the cupboard. i think it needs a third something so maybe i will come across a copper colander to odd it out.

Well have a great day all,



  1. love the touch of the pears- one of my favorite fall fruits! your dining room is beautiful as always!

  2. I love your collections and how you arrange them, beautiful!

  3. The chicken feeder base looks great. It is such a creative vignette! All of your accessories are placed to give a warm, autumnal feeling to your space.
    I would like to invite you and your readers to visit my blog at:

  4. What a nice cozy feeling your dining room has, Meg! You really are creative with all of your pieces. Very simple and festive! :)

    Jane xx


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