Thursday, September 18, 2014

A bit of fall house wander

I guess you need to keep up with the Jones's and join in on all the fall house tours that are popping up all over the place.  I thought we would start with the some of the main floor. 

I didn't put out a lot of fall themed items out yet (pumpkins, crows etc) but did change out a lot of the textiles, plants and moved some of my decor items around for some new vignettes. Away with the whites and in with the earthy colour. Our home really blends well in the fall time with the wood floors, black accents and brickwork.


i am totally digging the mustard tones this season and have added it into my pillow selections. the mustard and ticking pillows are also available in my shop

the fall mantel isn't too much of a change, i swapped out the lavender for some dried tansy. i am still really happy with the layout so left most of the items as is. i know super exciting.

i got the cute pinecone towel at west elm last christmas on clearance but i think it adds a nice touch of fall

the bathroom benefited from some dried yarrow i was on the ball with cutting in the summer and some white ceramic and stick pumpkins for a festive neutral air.

the yellow hand towel was anthropologie 2 years ago.

i did the same thing last year but swapping out the white and green books for some red ones is a super simple thing to totally change the appearance of your vignettes and add some different colour.

i took the big green frame down and replaced it with an old oak one for the time being to tone down the happenings in the front hall.
sammy got in on the action as he was trying to chase the sun spot around to stay warm so i let him oh so casually pose in the photo.

I have more fall to share but we'll save some for another day.

Have a good one everyone


  1. excuse me while i wipe my drool..... love it all!

  2. I just adore your home, every sinfgle vignette is amazing. I also LOVE< LOVE< LOVE your mantle!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the tour. I don't know why I am not getting e-mails anymore. Saw this on FB......

    1. i'm not sure pinky. i updated my email provider to mail chimp instead of feed burner so maybe just try using the new signup form in the right sidebar. yours may have just gotten lost in the import process. sorry about that.

  3. Your collections & vignettes are so fantastic!

  4. Beautfiul, Meg. I really like how the yellowy-golds in the bottles, pillows, throw etc. tie in with your gold frames/bathroom fixtures and the yellow-gold of your Spera lion art. Eclectic vintage perfection! I always look forward to when you share a new tour.

  5. gorgeous! You have such great accessories!

    @Seeking Lavender Lane

  6. I just love all your rooms. I think your home is so interesting because it's similar and yet different from all the homes I see on the blogs. I swear I could sit and look at your pictures for hours! I love the way you layer objects and it looks fantastic together even though the items don't seem related. You have such a talent and I love your courage to be unique!

    1. wow what a nice comment to read. thank you so much. i am so glad when people enjoy my photos and my home. i really do realize that it is very different from other homes in blogland and for some that is quite a turn off however, my husband and i are a bit different :) and therefore our home reflects our hobbies, interests and style.
      thanks again, you made my day!

  7. Oh my, as usual everything is fabulous. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me.

  8. I positively LOVE your home. The details are so interesting!!

  9. Your home is gorgeous! That bathroom with the shelves? Love!

  10. You have a wonderful house, love the way how you have incorporated different elements.
    Greetings from South Africa

  11. Your bathroom---STUNNING! It is so classically beautiful and cozy. I think I would take a bubble bath every night if I lived there :). Thanks for sharing-what great style you have!


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