Friday, August 29, 2014

Save the Date fall edition and etsy update

Well it is here. The unofficial end of summer that comes with Labour Day weekend.
It doesn't really feel that way to us without kids to get ready for back to school but I can sense it with all the people coming in the get their teeth sparkly white before the big day on Tuesday.

Since the beginning of September is here, it means we are only about a month away from the beginning of October which means it is SHOW TIME everyone.

The official deats.. are below but be prepared because every time we do this I get better and better ideas. I have a really exciting new line of pillows that all coordinate in some way and I am having trouble not keeping 1 of each for myself when I get to decorating our home for fall. That's a few weeks away because I am stubborn but I have seen Christmas stuff coming up on Pinterest already.

Since this is probably the your first visit here since Wednesday I have also updated my blog template. It wasn't a really huge change but it cleaned up my sidebar even more and now I have a great sticky navigation bar at the top to make getting to my pages a little easier.
It also removed the weird lines around the blog so it just a big white space now which I am liking.  I also added the "LOCAL" section at the top. It is where I am going to corral all of my shopping/eating adventures from the Niagara Region for people to get an idea of some great places to go. I am planning to add a lot more places in the future so stay tuned.

I also did some shop updating yesterday and have decided to once again have a little sale for the Labour Day weekend. Enter shop code OLIVERLABOURDAY2014  to receive 15% off your order (not incl shipping) of 45.00 or more.

Have a fantastic and safe weekend everyone,


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  1. It's almost here! Putting it in my calendar now. Our oldest isn't entering his cow's in any fairs this year so the date looks good for us. Yeah!


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