Monday, August 18, 2014

Random bits and your thoughts

Morning all!

I haven't shared a ton of things inside the house lately and well let's face it, I haven't been inside much to change anything to share. Bad blogger not moving things to make content. I digress.

I did however switch out the centre of our dining room table for an extremely simple centrepiece and thought ah what the hell might as well do a little sharesy!

i put the grain sack roll runner back in place and added a clear demijohn and lab flask and 1 crystal candleholder for when we eat inside. i just washed the bottles so they are on the cloudy humid side. 

on another note, i just got my selection of candles from pf candle co.
i have been haunting their instagram feed for awhile and am completely smitten with the packaging of this product. when we are an official store, these WILL be in stock. the scents are wonderful and natural and they suit my style to a t.

doesn't it look completely at home with my apothecary bottle from france and brain coral?

Now a question I require your help with. I will take opinions into consideration and then finally make a decision.
I want to make a very simple shelf over the 3 windows in my dining room to house my collection of ironstone pitchers. It will be a simple shelf that lifts up the decor in the room but doesn't compete with it as this room is relatively simple in style.
I have 4 of these green corbels that I am considering for the brackets. Does the green compete with the buffet? look off  with the buffet? The room is quite neutral right now but there are usually other greens in the room besides the buffet but I am torn. Should I keep hunting until I find 4 white ones?
Can't Make A Decision!

Have a great day everyone and thanks for your input in the dining room.



  1. Use the green! Adds an amazing pop of color!
    Happy Day,

  2. i love the corbels, but i think it depends on what you are putting on the shelves- if you plan to place white decor on them that will let the corbels pop, use them; but if you plan on placing green items and colorful items on the shelves, stick with white.

  3. The colour of the corbels is beautiful, however if you really want white, why not paint them to the colour you want.

  4. don't paint that lovely patina! Take the corbel down to Home Depot and have it color matched to a sample of paint and then paint a few small things around the room (like a frame for a chalkboard) to get the color infused in the room so it won't stick out. If you could find something to paint with both greens, like stripes, it would bring them together. Love those corbels and love that dresser too.

  5. I'm a green girl...use the green they're beautiful!!

  6. I love green and I think your ironstone collection would look awesome atop of them! I don't think the greens would clash or compete with each other!

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  8. I think that you use a variety of greens throughout your home and therefor the green corbels will look lovely. Just thinking of the green bottles, glassware, pillows, boxwood etc that you often use and they all go together so nicely. The simple table arrangement is lovely. Enjoy your day!

  9. I think the green corbels with a wee bit of white wash to them might look pretty great in this room. You would have the pop of color but it would not be so prominent with a splash of white wash and would still go nicely in the room. Love those corbels they are beautiful and will make great shelf brackets. I think your ironstone will look aweseome up on the new shelf.

  10. Sorry, but I think that green clashes. I love the shape and think that JunkChicCottage has a good idea to use a white wash on them.

  11. I think the corbels are awesome! In the picture though the greens look like they may clash, so the idea to tone the color down sounds like the right approach OR maybe its time to change the color of the buffet? Whatever you decide to do Meg, I know you will totally rock it!

  12. I love the green. They are similar enough to go, but different enough to add interest. You would not want them too matchy-matchy. They should pull the eyes up nicely.

  13. Just like all the beautiful colours reflected in Nature the teal brackets would look most fitting with the green buffet. Don't be afraid of colour, the all white scheme leaves much lacking in our northern climate and natural light. The ironstone jugs are neutral, they'll stand out better on the shelf.
    Any home that is lived in and not a showcase for all the present trends has lots of variety, just look at an English country home, showing that items have been gathered over time and generations...
    Besides I know you will move things around and the future may bring another fitting piece that could replace the buffet but those corbels are definitely keepers!

  14. If the room is normally simple and you aren't adding much else in the way of color, I believe they will stand out as a loud clash of color against the green buffet. If you intend to add other colors it could work. But you have white walls and a collection of white pitchers and clear glass and white pieces and natural wood and white wood everywhere else in this room....different shades of green in small areas will draw the eye right to them and then the viewer will notice the disconnect at once. My two cents.

  15. I once saw a show where the featured designer declared "all greens go together" and her house was showcased as an was eclectic and fabulous.


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