Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Colourful flowers and a vole update

It is a dreary day here so how about a sunny update on the vegetable garden. The sunflowers that I was talking about a few weeks ago are in full bloom and from all areas of our home we can see them. I look upon them from my bedroom window as soon as I pull up the blind in the morning, come down the stairs through the living room windows and from the patio while we eat and chat. They are completely visible when we drive away and drive up to the house and just make us smile. Some of them are massive and I am almost just as excited about the giant dried seed heads that will be ready to be plucked for display in the fall.

the zinnias i planted are bright fuchsia and excellent for cutting. this was my first attempt at growing them from seed so i am going to attempt a few more colours next year.

the gladiolas are just getting going. i planted them in stages so i could have a few weeks of flowers.

an update on the vole situation for anyone that is curious. i have attempted the following to rid myself of the little bastards. in no particular order and for long periods of consistent time:
used cat litter
sonic stakes
ammonia soaked rags in holes
bleach soaked rags in holes
neighbourhood cat coaxing
juicy fruit gum
shovel smashing

damage has ceased since the juice fruit experiment (wear gloves, unwrap juicy fruit, stick in many holes and wait)
i have no idea why juicy fruit, i read it online. it is supposed to stop their digestion and they die. don't give me the don't kill the creatures racket because these little crappers have eaten through about 500.00 in plants this year and at least 100-200.00 in snacks/alcohol for us to be watching the holes like bill murray.
i swear our neighbours think we're losing it running around with shovels and yelling.
i'd laugh myself if it wasn't so aggravating.
one hopped into our garage, yes hopped and trevor spent 25 minutes chasing it under motorcycles and furniture while yelling and screaming about how ugly they are with their claws and no eyes. (i'll admit that was pretty funny, and i laughed at him while pretending to help)

i thought i would share a garden that i haven't shared before or at least not in a long time. we did a little revamping with this garden and added some large drought tolerant plants like russian sage, red yarrow, bee balm, and a pee gee hydrangea tree.

So many lovely colours this time of year.

Have a great day everyone,

We're off to see Gregg Allman tonight at Artpark in Lewiston and I am stoked. I love his solo music beyond words. It should be fantastic rain or not



  1. Meg your landscaping is beautiful, thank you for sharing - I appreciate all your hard work because that is not easy to keep up and gorgeous! Good luck with the critters, I have chipmunks who run through our stone foundation (1740 saltbox farmhouse) and it's impossible to get rid of them so I feel your pain (although they don't do the type of damage your voles are capable of!).

  2. Love your garden's there beautiful. We use cana seeds here to control the vermints, it seems to work. Just poke a seed in the hole and apparently when they eat them it poisons them.

  3. Your gardens look beautiful!! LOVE that last shot!

  4. Your yard is stunning and the flowers are so beautiful. I love it all.

  5. Sunflowers are just such happy flowers and I love the zinnias too! I planted one packet of zinnia seeds this year. I must try more next year. Your gardens are beautiful Meg. And it sure is annoying when little creatures come and destroy all your hard work. I'm not sure I've ever even seen a vole, but they sound pretty nasty!

  6. Juicy Fruit huh? I'll give it a try. Had a high school teacher that it worked on pretty well. He hated it and one day the whole class was chewing just to tick him off. He refused to come into the classroom. LOL

    1. teri, i read this comment at work when you made it and it made me crack up. thanks for bringing the humour.

  7. Love your garden, love your commentary. I read that with the juicy fruit gum you leave the wrapper on and that is what interferes with their digestive system. Give it a try and let the rest of us know. You are ahead of me because I read that at least a year ago and those little rascals are tunneling through our yard this Spring like crazy and I still have not bought the first pack of gum. Maybe today!

  8. Try Moth Balls.....it works well with Armadillos and Fire ants !!! Beautiful yard !!!


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