Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A White Buffet goes Glam

Me and buffets. I swear I would keep them all if I could. 

Before we get to that though I just wanted to say that I think I caused a bit of turbulence yesterday by showing photos of the lovely creatures at the Buffalo Zoo. I guess I didn't realize what a hot topic that was for some people who felt the need to email me. I did not show photos of our trip to the zoo to upset people and am sorry for anyone I did upset however, Trevor and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and enjoyed learning about all of the animals and the steps that many zoos are taking to ensure the survival of some extremely close to extinction species. We had no idea that this particular zoo had been around since the 1800's and although some spaces are regrettably not as large as big animals see in the wild, the animals seemed healthy, interested in people and not at all maudlin.

Enough of that, today I have a fantastic, heavy as a house buffet to share with you.
I sanded, did 3 coats of primer with 1 additional sand in between and 1.5 coats of #generalfinishes antique white milk paint.

I kept the original brass hardware and gave it a little oomph with #rubandbuff in #greciangold.  I then proceeded to add some more Rub n Buff around the top edge to give it some detail and love the creamy white with the gold. It is glam and rustic all at the same time. I am told by someone….ahem…Trevor that we do not have room to keep it so for sale it goes.

that lovely antique photo is from a flea market and is going into the hoard stash for a project i am planning in the fall.


Nothing like a simple white finish to revive an old piece.

I hope if finds a great forever home.

Have a good day all,


miss mustard seed 
thoughts from alice


  1. Oh I love this piece and the brass hardware is fabulous.

  2. This piece is awesome Meg - I admire your work and your great finds! Thank you
    so much for sharing with us.

  3. This is really beautiful. I like the glam. I thought your zoo pictures were wonderful. I liked that you posted them. Our solid the Columbus Zoo in Ohio. Jack Hanna' s hometown zoo. Zoo 's are educational. So much work in saving animals from extinction are done there. How can anyone say those animals aren't living the good life. Don't feel bad for a moment about posting the pics. Hugs

  4. I love the update and I love the zoo too! Have a great day!

  5. Meg, I have quietly enjoyed your blog for over a year now--love what you do with your home and the pieces you sell! I want to encourage you to post what you feel is important and do not worry about those who are offended. Your enjoyment of the zoo and pictures were wonderful to see. Thank you for putting yourself "out there"--we love to see and hear what you are doing.

  6. I appreciate that you took the time to acknowledge that some people were troubled by your pictures from the zoo. We come together for so many reasons and, of course, we have many different opinions. You commented on this in a lovely way, honoring other people's values, while explaining more about your own values. Thank you for welcoming a range of opinions.

  7. The buffet looks beautiful. I love the hardware on it.

  8. WOW, just WOW! Love how you styled it.

  9. I am totally in love with this! Featuring you later today at Sundays at Home!


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