Monday, August 11, 2014

A menagerie of linen and mustard

Well good morning everyone. I took a smidge of a blog break last week on account of being snarly. You know how it goes, regular work just pissin' you off and not being able to share happy thoughts with the world of decorating.

Well after some eating, drinking, grass cutting and general beach/lawn napping I am back with some projects I have been hacking away at. Instead of doing an individual post for some small items, I decided to put the matching-y ones together for a medium vignette.

I picked up all these pieces at various garage sales and they just needed a little loving. 
The ladderback chair is a newer vintage model and got a little updating with #generalfinishes milk paint in linen. This was my first time using this particular colour and I am smitten. It is an almost off white/beige colour that would look great in a modern environment or a rustic farmhouse house.

The stool is the perfect fall sunflower yellow. I used #generalfinishes somerset gold with van dyke glaze. The same finish as this dresser.
It would be fantastic in a white kitchen or as a place to set your fantastic topiary.

This mitred pillow is apart of my fall line of pillows getting ready to hit my etsy shop and being sewn up for the October show. This one in black and linen stripe ticking is my favourite ticking tone and looks splendid when sewn this way if I do say so myself.
 I will send a shout out when they are available for anyone that is interested.

The pair of farmhouse stools are also done in linen. The legs had a weird red/orange paint stain combo on them that was unsightly but once sanded the tops were just perfect with a little wax. 


The stools had an old crackle finish that with the lighter paint just stands out and with some coaxing from antiquing wax that just brought out the details.

Perfect for putting your feet up

Thanks for visiting today,


miss mustard seed


  1. Meg, all the of the pieces are fabulous. I love the backdrop as well. I have been following you for a while now but seldom comment. I hope you enjoyed your week of rest. BTW Pinning the fabulous vignette :) Have a wonderful day

    1. thanks dawn. i love my silent followers too. the rest of my week was much better thanks lol!

  2. This just made me laugh out loud. Love the pieces and your honesty :)

    1. i'm glad it made you laugh alison. i think sometimes the blog world is starting to lose some honesty in favour of money but even as it was i edited the snarly from bitchy. probably should have left it :) thanks for reading!

  3. Love all these pieces...and the way you have them pretty!!

    1. thanks martina. always a pleasure to see your comments.

  4. I love those little stools and their chippy legs! And that pillow is amazing!

  5. I love your chair! Beautiful subtle color and the pillow adds the perfect touch!

  6. Great pieces Meg, and I especially like the pillow and how you matched up the lines so nicely. Good thing you have this creative side (and wine and relaxing) to help you de-stress. I"m enjoying the last of my summer and trying not to think about back to work stress as well.


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