Friday, August 29, 2014

Save the Date fall edition and etsy update

Well it is here. The unofficial end of summer that comes with Labour Day weekend.
It doesn't really feel that way to us without kids to get ready for back to school but I can sense it with all the people coming in the get their teeth sparkly white before the big day on Tuesday.

Since the beginning of September is here, it means we are only about a month away from the beginning of October which means it is SHOW TIME everyone.

The official deats.. are below but be prepared because every time we do this I get better and better ideas. I have a really exciting new line of pillows that all coordinate in some way and I am having trouble not keeping 1 of each for myself when I get to decorating our home for fall. That's a few weeks away because I am stubborn but I have seen Christmas stuff coming up on Pinterest already.

Since this is probably the your first visit here since Wednesday I have also updated my blog template. It wasn't a really huge change but it cleaned up my sidebar even more and now I have a great sticky navigation bar at the top to make getting to my pages a little easier.
It also removed the weird lines around the blog so it just a big white space now which I am liking.  I also added the "LOCAL" section at the top. It is where I am going to corral all of my shopping/eating adventures from the Niagara Region for people to get an idea of some great places to go. I am planning to add a lot more places in the future so stay tuned.

I also did some shop updating yesterday and have decided to once again have a little sale for the Labour Day weekend. Enter shop code OLIVERLABOURDAY2014  to receive 15% off your order (not incl shipping) of 45.00 or more.

Have a fantastic and safe weekend everyone,


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Concrete Beauty at Grove House

Whoa 2 posts in a day. I am on a roll but seriously people, I just about died when I just saw this photo come up in my feed on Pinterest. So much so that I thought I should share it with you in case you missed it.

Heather Bullard is a wonderful stylist and a contributor to Country Living magazine (her souvenir magazine was a treat when it was being digitally published)

She has been renovating her home fondly named Grove House and just posted this tutorial and styled photos of her concrete bathroom vanity console

I am a major lover of concrete and even though I was unable to convince my dear husband of the merits of our kitchen counters being concrete, I may just be able to con him into something like this for our basement bathroom when we get around to doing it.


Artissimo China Cabinet for the eclectic home

Good morning. 
This has really shaped up to be one of those weeks. Part of the reasons for the "those" is me trying to be a better blog designer and failing miserably but, realizing my true potential for this craft will never be realized and that is ok as there are plenty of people who are wonderful at it and that I can pay a small sum of money to make me a blog template I love and I can stop trying to code or get my background to load properly. It apparently also makes me a long winded writer. My high school english teacher would have went red all over that last sentence. 
For now with this blog however, we do white on white. You like?
I am hoping to have something to show in the blog redesign department within the week.

I have to say my favourite navy paint is the wonderful Miss Mustard Seed's Artissimo.
It goes on kind of a funky royal blue but once you add the hemp oil it gets this rich, would look good anywhere navy colour. Perfect compliment to persian rugs or calm and cool in a white room with modern furniture.

so since i think it looks so good with persian rugs i dragged the one from my front hall out here to add some pizzazz to the photos. the demijohn is also ours from our front hall so you cannot buy it since i know someone will ask.
 the neat hat box it is sitting on IS in the show pile and is great in black with a nice carmel leather detailing.

the hardware on the bottom of this piece was broken but i wanted to keep the original door knob seen below so i tied the white interior of the cabinet in with these white and gold knobs from #hobbylobby. i used grecian gold #rubnbuff on the new knobs and old knob to tie them together a bit better in tone.


Well happy hump day all


miss mustard seed

Monday, August 25, 2014

Ok I went back in the house……..

Well the long and the short of it is, Oliver and Rust is growing and I run the etsy shop and all of my sewing operations out of my office but, I was starting to run out of organizable space for my shipping supplies, pillow covers and etsy stock. I was finding myself starting to jam items under the dresser and into the closet.

I had my darling husband remove the door to the room as I don't ever use it and it was taking up some valuable space. I found this secretary cabinet on Kijiji in a yikes shade of red and applied some love and made it white with a grey interior.
I used a few coats of my #kilz primer and then #generalfinishes antique white. I used my #anniesloan perfect grey mix inside.

I actually like the hardware that was on it but 1 of the handles was missing so I purchased some new old brass ones from #leevalleytools.

the cabinet on the left i found awhile back and if you flip through the "office" label in the sidebar you will see when its first appearance was. all of the pillow covers awaiting their turn at the sewing machine are in the shelves and the drawers hold all my threads and serging materials. i am now using the top with my paper roller for wrapping boxes instead of on top of my sewing machine.

i made a little vignette as i tend to do out of the display part of the cabinet with many items for sale, and some of my fancy shipping/craft supplies

we'll  speak about this a bit in the next week or so as i transition but i am putting out yet another watermark here. another longish story but, my logo that i have been working on and tweaking for the last year or so was many layers and some things were getting mashed in external printing processes and my brain hurts when things i cannot control keep getting screwed up so, i made another one. 2 actually, watermark and logo. like i said we'll talk about it later but i'm really liking the classic elegance of this one.

my shipping station right beside the wrapping station. working out great for the orders coming in so far. 

The Before of this cabinet….

I also did not stop there in the room because my brain started whirring and the ideas were coming out. I think I just needed to be creative in my own space for a bit instead of thinking how pieces will work in others spaces.

I will also have some dates and times for the next show this week for all you locals as it is Labour Day this weekend. Where the hell did that come from? 

Have a great day everyone,


savvy southern style
 miss mustard seed

Friday, August 22, 2014

Who says you can't find great antiques at Nascar?

Well so I'm sure that's about every man at Nascar but not my husband. Our love for the thrill of the hunt runs deep.

We spent last weekend with friends at the Michigan International Speedway in Brooklyn, MI and had a blast attending out first live Nascar race. A lot different than seeing on television. There is just no way to describe how loud it actually is at a large track like that. We are not motorsport newbies but I was in awe of the size and volume.

And after the race was over and we were all packed up to go home, we ignored the GPS lady and headed in a previously researched direction to Allen, MI and discovered a hoard of places to go junkin'. 
We came home on the Monday and so all of the places looked abandoned which was just fine with us so we whispered our way through the aisles and came home with some goodies. Trev always makes fun of me whispering in these places but, some of them have no noise or music and are so quiet I guess I go into library mode. Plus, I don't want anyone to know what I'm thinking or horrors if I casually open my mouth to say a price is ridiculous or don't like something I don't want to offend the person that does like it or sells the item. Just because it's my opinion, I don't need to slaughter someone with it.

Here is what we came home with and before you hit the email button let me tell you, the giant sized brass reindeer MINE! 
Also not for sale are the full bore oil can (Trevor's pick) and the large stone pitcher on the ground

the ironstone sugar bowl on the left is already in the shop, along with the green scale seen below

this little fan had such great patina, it just had to come home with me. what an awesome display piece

so this is the jug i am keeping. it isn't ironstone but stoneware. i have seen these retail from 160-200 dollars for this size and condition. it will be going on my still undecided shelf.

All of these lovely things have been split into show or etsy stock but if you are dying to give something other than my deer a home, just shoot me an email with the contact button and we'll see what we can do.

So ladies I tell you, antiquing and nascar! Everyone wins!

Have a great weekend all,


Monday, August 18, 2014

Random bits and your thoughts

Morning all!

I haven't shared a ton of things inside the house lately and well let's face it, I haven't been inside much to change anything to share. Bad blogger not moving things to make content. I digress.

I did however switch out the centre of our dining room table for an extremely simple centrepiece and thought ah what the hell might as well do a little sharesy!

i put the grain sack roll runner back in place and added a clear demijohn and lab flask and 1 crystal candleholder for when we eat inside. i just washed the bottles so they are on the cloudy humid side. 

on another note, i just got my selection of candles from pf candle co.
i have been haunting their instagram feed for awhile and am completely smitten with the packaging of this product. when we are an official store, these WILL be in stock. the scents are wonderful and natural and they suit my style to a t.

doesn't it look completely at home with my apothecary bottle from france and brain coral?

Now a question I require your help with. I will take opinions into consideration and then finally make a decision.
I want to make a very simple shelf over the 3 windows in my dining room to house my collection of ironstone pitchers. It will be a simple shelf that lifts up the decor in the room but doesn't compete with it as this room is relatively simple in style.
I have 4 of these green corbels that I am considering for the brackets. Does the green compete with the buffet? look off  with the buffet? The room is quite neutral right now but there are usually other greens in the room besides the buffet but I am torn. Should I keep hunting until I find 4 white ones?
Can't Make A Decision!

Have a great day everyone and thanks for your input in the dining room.


Thursday, August 14, 2014

Perfect Grey meets brass for feminine chic

Hello all,

I seem to be getting my paint streak back on and I have actually hit a run of finally finding some solid end tables. Most of the time I find wobbly veneer crud with no style pre-paint so spending my time painting them won't wave a harry potter wand and make them magical for anyone's space.
Today's pieces are a lovely set of french provincial tables done in my custom mix #anniesloan perfect grey.

This grey has made appearances on this dresser as well.

They have a sophisticated look now and read as classic and/or feminine.

i added subtle distressing for some age

i added a bit of grecian gold #rubnbuff on the handles to brighten them up a bit


I have also added some new items to the etsy shop again last night and over the last week including the items below. That antique sewing drawer makes an amazing vignette.

The grey set is for sale now for anyone local to the Niagara Region and will also be posted on facebook before going on Kijiji. I have too many sets to keep them all for the show so if you are interested, please email me at

Have a great Thursday all,


miss mustard seed
savvy southern style

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Colourful flowers and a vole update

It is a dreary day here so how about a sunny update on the vegetable garden. The sunflowers that I was talking about a few weeks ago are in full bloom and from all areas of our home we can see them. I look upon them from my bedroom window as soon as I pull up the blind in the morning, come down the stairs through the living room windows and from the patio while we eat and chat. They are completely visible when we drive away and drive up to the house and just make us smile. Some of them are massive and I am almost just as excited about the giant dried seed heads that will be ready to be plucked for display in the fall.

the zinnias i planted are bright fuchsia and excellent for cutting. this was my first attempt at growing them from seed so i am going to attempt a few more colours next year.

the gladiolas are just getting going. i planted them in stages so i could have a few weeks of flowers.

an update on the vole situation for anyone that is curious. i have attempted the following to rid myself of the little bastards. in no particular order and for long periods of consistent time:
used cat litter
sonic stakes
ammonia soaked rags in holes
bleach soaked rags in holes
neighbourhood cat coaxing
juicy fruit gum
shovel smashing

damage has ceased since the juice fruit experiment (wear gloves, unwrap juicy fruit, stick in many holes and wait)
i have no idea why juicy fruit, i read it online. it is supposed to stop their digestion and they die. don't give me the don't kill the creatures racket because these little crappers have eaten through about 500.00 in plants this year and at least 100-200.00 in snacks/alcohol for us to be watching the holes like bill murray.
i swear our neighbours think we're losing it running around with shovels and yelling.
i'd laugh myself if it wasn't so aggravating.
one hopped into our garage, yes hopped and trevor spent 25 minutes chasing it under motorcycles and furniture while yelling and screaming about how ugly they are with their claws and no eyes. (i'll admit that was pretty funny, and i laughed at him while pretending to help)

i thought i would share a garden that i haven't shared before or at least not in a long time. we did a little revamping with this garden and added some large drought tolerant plants like russian sage, red yarrow, bee balm, and a pee gee hydrangea tree.

So many lovely colours this time of year.

Have a great day everyone,

We're off to see Gregg Allman tonight at Artpark in Lewiston and I am stoked. I love his solo music beyond words. It should be fantastic rain or not