Tuesday, July 1, 2014

When the boys are away......

The girls shall go junking.

Every year on the Canada Day weekend the men in my family take to the golf courses of Pennsylvania and leave my mom and I at home alone. We don't necessarily stay at home though. We went gallivanting all over the place on Friday and spent 14 hours tracking some amazing and really not so amazing places. I really think that some places need to have a guideline to call themselves antique stores. Especially when you are hailing  yourself out to be the largest 80000 sq ft warehouse in Canada. I should never be able to buy a copy of Mighty Ducks on VHS, a stainless kitchen sink from a kitchen reno, or items made in China within the last 10 years at an "antique store". Flea market yes, totally appropriate. Staff working at antique stores should be able to tell the difference between milk glass and crocks etc. Just my thoughts but I was aggravated at making the drive to this place and not finding the tonnage of stuff I was expecting. Best part of a disappointing hunt, having my mom to joke around with about the total lack of great stuff and starting to just look for the worst item in the place.

Other than this place we did come home with a truckload of great items. A few for me, tons for the etsy shop and good portion starting to squirrel away for the next show.
We even picked a hoarder store with a barn full of the most amazing junk. I could have literally brought everything home from there but they were asking at least 20% above retail price and a good portion of it was covered in cat urine from 40+ kittens. Every box you picked up had a kitten inside. It was cute and nauseating at the same time from the intense smell. It will be forever remembered as the cat pee place to us.

So enough stories, some of my loot
I found this awesome vintage boxwood sign at a flea market and thought it would look great on this chalkboard wall.

you can just see the outline of the black and i love that it ties in with the botanical poster

When we got home around 10:30 I was still energized on account of the coffee I drank and decided to redo the mantel. I got a great new bowling trophy for Trev and I wanted to tie the tigers and white tones into the room a little bit more. I added 2 gold frames and more white elements to tie into the rest of the decor so, it didn't just feel like tigers and trophies.

the trophy on the right is the new one. i love the almost pewter silver colour of the top and the little medallions on the base


i also kept this pine box that was said to be a stool. i flipped it over and turned it into a planter instead. my love of angel vine is only getting stronger and i am adding it all over the place and it is so easy to grow


the source of the sleep depriving coffee came from a starbucks which was in an indigo books. this candle, omg. amazingness. mercury glass is kind of the wrong season but the smell is just amazing. orange flower citrus and they were on sale for 12 bucks.


Well, Happy Canada Day everyone!

Enjoy your day off,



  1. Hi Meg
    This antique mall is it in Woodstock; I've been wanting to go like forever but after reading this post I think I'll pass

    1. ginette, pass, i swear it is not worth the trip. there was so much crap in the place and maybe only 25% of it was good vintage/antique junk. we also visited southwork antiques in cambridge at the end of the day. it was just stuffed with amazing finds but wow expensive. proximity to toronto if i had to guess.

    2. Thanks for the heads up, I'll pass..but I do want to make it to the Aberfoyle antique market in October, I heard it's worth the trip and you can get great bargains...so few places around here to go.

  2. That trophy is darling! I always keep an eye out for trophies but they're always so darned expensive (here in the Midwest)! I have yet to buy my first one....sorry the trip was not as you had hoped, but like you said at least you and your mom could laugh about it:)
    xo Kathleen


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