Friday, July 11, 2014

The Vegetable Garden

Good morning

It is Friday and this week has been a pile of relaxation and sunshine here at Oliver and Rust. Much enjoyed I assure you. As I look out at what almost seems like the local flower in Muskoka, the orange daylilly, I am cradling my coffee and deciding on what to do today. Swim? Sleep? Read? maybe a bike ride? hmmmm decisions decisions. Home time is getting closer and always with a little happiness to get back to the space that brings comfort and peace but also a lot of sadness that our relaxation is coming to a close and that nasty w word is coming closer. Our perfect house sitter has had no news so that is always good news in my books. He has been tending all of my gardens while we take a break and is without a doubt the most reliable garden watcher we have ever had.

Today I shall walk us around my vegetable/cutting garden or potager if you will. The cutting part I just decided on this year so I am gradually adding new perennials in for next year and anxiously awaiting the plants I grew from seed.

we built the gardens up more this year to give a little bit more space for soil and it gives them more presence in this side of our yard. there are only 4 for now but i have plans to expand out in the future when we can afford the time to work in them.


i have been splitting and moving sunflowers all over because i planted so many and look forward to the yellow faces and then awesome seed heads later.
the mulch is getting nice and tamped down after 2 years and accomodates my love for walking barefoot in the garden


our raspberry bush was just getting going when we left and we are going to have a ton when we get back. i am so excited to maybe make jam with our own fruit and of course a round of raspberry crisp.

Have a good weekend everyone,



  1. looking at your garden makes me feel like a slacker. Amazing how your garden looks. If it tastes half as good, it would be delish.

  2. Your garden is always so neat and tidy. I love the element you put in place like the old chair. Beautiful as always.

  3. Your garden looks fantastic. The raised beds also make it easier to work the garden because you can sit down on the wood borders. Hope all your raspberries are ready so you can make the jam and crisps.


  4. I love my raised beds too! Yours are beautiful!


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