Thursday, July 31, 2014

Pinterest Inspiration: July 2014

The end of July and beginning of August brings many more summer activities

 to enjoy. Trevor and I are venturing to our first Nascar race weekend in a few weeks and although completely un-home and antique related we are excited to experience this together. We have always talked about going to a race and this year is the year, fingers crossed for no rain. I am really hoping to wrangle out many more afternoon bike rides, afternoon ceasar enjoyment, gardening and grass laying.

So although I haven't spent an inordinate amount of time on the computer, let's see what the month of July brought us for inspiration. I will admit some of my photos are fall related not because I'm wishing summer to end, not at all but the colours of fall are inspiring me as I start some prep for our next show.


the white hutch, the lovely greens and plaid.

Re-Love Project…before


Scott & Kristan's Inspiring Arts District Loft,WOW!

i love this loft. complete perfection to me. i am totally ripping off that wine barrel idea.

black and white ticking stripe, wall sconce, window nook | sage design



Design Chic: Love Where You Live!

i didn't actually pin this, this month however i did just come across it last night again and re fell in love with the colours. a cupboard in a deep mustard. lovely with the natural woods, linen and greys.

Have a great day everyone



  1. A cupboard in a deep mustard...heavenly. Deb

  2. Looove that first photo too! Green bottles, cowhide, just dreamy :) Good inspiration! So ready for fall here in Texas :)

  3. The loft is gorgeous! How wonderful it would be to be surrounded by all that rustic wood and still have an open and light feeling!

  4. Did you hear about the new Fusion Mineral Paint line from Homestead House? It's an all in one no topcoat required. Next Time Around in Cambridge will be carrying it and I'd love to try it. Just need to find some new pieces (the prices on kijiji here lately are crazy.)


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