Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Olde Town Gardens and The Niagara Botanical Gardens

This past weekend Trevor and I had a family reunion in Niagara Falls but as always were trying to cram a few more things into our day and one of them was shopping for my mom's birthday present. As I have mentioned here before my mother is an avid gardener and is where I got most of my gardening knowledge. We both casually hunt for new plants in gardening magazines and on Pinterest (check out my gardening board here)

We both came across a hosta named "Victory" that was showing huge leaves and medium quick growth. While we do have pretty good garden centers in our area we also have a great hosta source. Many locals may not even know about him which is why I am including him in this post. I knew if I was going to find a new variety this would be the place to go

Olde Town Gardens is found in Niagara on the Lake on Lakeshore Rd at Townline. It is tucked in behind the gentleman's home and boasts a HUGE selection of hostas to choose from. There are so many varieties it is imposible to keep track. He has them setup in a meandering path and the setting is idyllic.

all of the plants are priced and tagged ranging from the rare to not so rare. there is a 5 dollar hosta aisle for someone looking to just fill space and there are the 25 dollar beauties that can't be found at the garden center.

there is also a selection of ferns and other perennials to choose from.

this hosta had lovely ruffled leaves and such a vibrant green colour. it is next on my list. it is "abba dabba do"

do remember if you go there that he is cash or cheque only so plan accordingly.

Next up was our walk through the Niagara Botanical Gardens in the rain. I love walking through the carefully selected plants and winding paths and reading the tags that show what each item is. Trevor played umbrella holder so I could man the camera and take some photos for you.

we have a dawn redwood in our backyard that is growing wonderfully. i can't wait until it looks like this.

the potager


I hope you enjoyed wandering around the gardens with me. If you are ever in my neck of the woods and are an avid garden lover, they are places worth checking out and are only 10 minutes apart from one another. The gardens can be quite busy this time of the year but if you go on a rainy day, you might just discover some peacful magic with your puddle jumping.

Have a great day,



  1. So you stopped to see Bruce the Hosta Man did you. We went to high school together. There isn't a hosta I don't think he doesn't have.
    Everything is so lush and green right now isn't it!

    1. i did susan. what a small world. he is kind of off the beaten path. i thought it would be great for other niagara gardeners to experience his place. nice to hear from you.

  2. Beautiful pictures! I really like the one of the greenhouse. I love plants too but there is no room in my little house for more and the yard is full too although I wouldn't call my plant arrangements gardening because they are in containers gathered in several areas in the yard. It looks like you had a wonderful day and I hope you have another.

  3. We are heading to Niagara in a couple of weeks any don't miss shopping spots I should add to my itinerary?

    1. hi jamie. anything specific you are looking for and i can hopefully help you out.

    2. Nothing specific just anything I shouldn't miss when I am in the area. Thanks!


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