Thursday, July 17, 2014

Muskoka Living : A return visit

Good morning friends.
I took a few days off to get our life back to normal post vacation. You know the drill, laundry laundry and groceries etc. I am looking forward to a fantastic day of grass cutting and furniture painting today. And I think I will round that day out with sangria on the porch.

Today we are returning to a store we visited here at Oliver and Rust 2 years ago in the town of Port Carling, Ontario also known as where the wealthy people spend their summers lol.

My mom, my aunt and I piled into the jeep and went on a rainy day road trip and our first stop was technically for butter tarts  (no cottage trip is complete without them)
and then into Muskoka Living

To see our first visit click here.

The store was lovely as always with wonderful high quality furnishings for just about any space. The theme was quite white this year. I didn't mind but I did notice it.

pillows galore in the side room. generally in any fabric you can imagine. i recognized many of the fabrics because of my fabric obsession.

the above 2 chairs are the same style but with different fabrics. can i tell you how much i loved the leather on the outside combined with fabric. the ticking is more my style but these were comfy as well. $$$$$$ but that is besides the point of looking.

the main area. i will say this though, it is the first time i have left this store empty handed. the usual wonderful collection of smalls has significantly decreased since we last visited being limited to dinnerware and pillows it seemed. the focus is much more on the furniture. intentional? i am not sure but they no longer carry a few lines i enjoyed perusing while in there including the caldrea laundry line and my wallet cinches at 160.00 per pillow especially when i sew.

as you can see i was having a bit of chair envy with the amount of photos i took but they really nailed the choices with 2 fabric chairs. very sarah richardson-esque. especially these above. the floral is a little retro for me but it ties in perfectly to the blue.

If you are ever in the Port Carling area, Muskoka Living is definitely worth the perusal and then continue down the road past the clothing stores around the bend to Red Barn Antiques. It was a great place but I didn't take my camera out of the car because of the thundering amount of rain that came down when we were in there.

Have a great day everyone and see you tomorrow,



  1. you are killing me with all those blues..... LOVE it all!

  2. Seems like they changed the store quite a bit since your last visit. A little more sophisticated, a little less cluttered. But still beautiful.

  3. Thanks for sharing your visit. I love their items but I agree that the prices are definitely geared to the wealthy Muskoka cottage crowd. It should make you feel good that you can enjoy and sell your pretty pillows at a fraction of the price though. Have you heard of the Butter Tart Trail in North Wellington Township (Ontario)? It's a self guided car tour of all things butter tart. Work friends keep saying we should check it out.


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