Friday, July 4, 2014

Let's wander around to the back yard....

It is Friday and we are continuing into the dirt again as we wander around the back yard of our gardens. This garden has been hit a little hard by the vole/gopher combo so the flower plants have been chewed down so we have a lot of textures and few flowers.
It's still looking pretty good though and the next set of perennials are starting to show their heads. It is almost daisy time as long as no one eats them.

On Canada Day, Trevor and I spent a few hours ripping, axing, chainsawing out the dogwood that was growing in the back corner of our garden. It has been driving us nuts since we moved in. They are truly aggressive growers and it had gotten so large that it was scraping us as we did pond maintenance, scratching our windows in the wind and looked utterly messy.

We started with hand trimming, got bored of that and moved to the chainsaw. We broke an axe and then brought out the sawsall to finish the job. We had a blast and love how the other plants stand out so much more now.

you can see the dogwood in this photo in the back left creeping into the ladder

in this photo, the dogwood is gone and the plants in front seem to have a new life

we replaced the bush with this weeping nootka tree. it is a bit smaller now but they grow quickly and it will add a lovely structure to this side. i still need to add some flowers and grasses to this area in the new space i gained. so exciting.

Let's continue our walk shall we,

trev and i whipped this antique yard tool trellis together a few weeks ago after i saw a similar photo on pinterest and went to a garage sale with a bunch of old tools

an antique grape crusher filled with annuals with a view of our lilypads in the pond beyond

this back garden was just an addition last october and we have been adding plants as we go. they are all still relatively small so ensuring they have enough room to grow is still a priority

Our fire area is just off to the left of our adirondack chairs and is always set for a night time fiesta.

Enjoy your holiday weekend my American readers,



  1. Your backyard looks wonderful. I love your gardens.

  2. Your gardens are beautiful, but a word of advice on that weeping Nootka...they get really tall really fast and if you don't want to be cutting this one down in a few years I would recommend that you plant it farther away from your home. In just a few years ours has grown from 4 ft tall to now taller than our home and its about 10 ft around

    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG

  3. Your gardens are just beautiful Meg! I love the layers of color and texture. And vintage pieces in the garden add a bit of fun and whimsy. I just might have to make a garden tools trellis - super cute. And I love the grape crusher too!

  4. Love your gardens, Meg. You guys do a great job! That trellis is a knockout, love it!

  5. Hi Meg,
    I enjoyed your garden pictures, very nice!! Looks like you spend a lot of time in the garden!

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