Monday, July 28, 2014

Cottage Yellow in the Summer

Good morning everyone. Today's transformation has me thinking of summer days, summer nights and cottage life. This dresser just makes me see quilts, I'm not sure why. Like it belongs in a room with the white curtains billowing in the breeze and the lakeside loons cooing? in the distance.

I picked up this dresser on my lunch one day and saw that it was a solid oak piece with a hideous re-stain job and old fashioned brass handles.

I stripped the top and applied my favourite wood "helper" #howardsfeedandwax.

The plan for the body of the piece was to paint it with Miss Mustard Seeds Linen milk paint. I got 3 coats in and did the whole shellac nonesense and ugh. It looked like piss. No other way to put it. I have had mixed luck with the light colours of milk paint. Every time I get an oak piece to paint I always want to do milk paint. I have never had real issues with the dark colours but the learning process is quite constant with milk paint for all you newbies out there. Don't get discouraged. 
So my Plan B for this piece became mixing a custom yellow out of #generalfinishesmilkpaint
I used a combination of Somerset Gold, Linen and Antique White until I got the perfect buttercream colour I was after.

When I went over the white paint with the yellow I avoided the areas around the key holes and some of the other areas where light chipping and patina was coming up. It gave the piece the age of multiple coats of paint and then, adding some antique wax around these areas gave it more age.

you can see what i mean by the patina around the key hole and the look of the layered paint

i replaced the hardware with these natural steel pulls from #leevalleytools. they are uncoated so will age naturally and show rust spots. i love that but, if the new owner wants to keep them in this state they could be easily coated in a clear lacquer.


Here's to many more summer days with the breeze blowing in.

Were you seeing colourful quilts going in the dresser as well?

Have a good day,


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  1. Oh, I love the yellow color, so pretty and fresh. Great choice.

  2. GORGEOUS!!!! Love the layered paint and natural top.

    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

  3. Little cottage style dressers are just my favorite pieces of furniture. They are just so darn cute and totally versatile. This one is darling in yellow - love the layers and the hefty hardware!

  4. It looks great but I would probably have given up on it in frustration, as I did with a little pine table I painted with Linen milk paint. Maybe I should try something else to finish it.

    1. definitely elizabeth. sometimes that milk paint is a real crapshoot but going over it with some chalk paint or general finishes paint will fix you up good.

    2. I meant Ironstone milk paint lol. Can you buy general finishes in Ontario?

  5. That's beautiful, Meg. I have an old set of (originally) yellow painted French furniture in my guest bedroom that I just love. It's all chipped, but it is my favorite room in the house. So much work you did, but such a fine result you have! And it's good that you give encouragement to newbie painters - what you did would have me wanting to throw the piece to the curb out of frustration. Wished I live within driving distance - I'd buy that piece!

    1. oh rita. i wish you lived closer too it would be nice to meet you. have a good night

  6. The layering really adds character, as does the dark wax. Very lovely!...pinned.

  7. This really turned out great! Just wanted to let you know that I will be featuring this over at Hawthorne and Main for my favorite things Friday! -Shonee


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