Monday, July 7, 2014

Be Inspired by a flower

I have been sharing parts of my yard over the last week and I find at this time of year I am an avid reader of gardening magazines and  blogs and looking at garden photos on Pinterest. I'm not necessarily looking for extreme teaching but more looking at photos of combinations, colours, timing for blooming etc.

If you aren't a gardener or enjoy gardening you might be skipping today's post.

Thanks to the ladies that identified the Joe Pye Weed from my last Pinterest post.

Today I would like to share some photos from my absolute favourite gardener on the web. She writes a lovely home decor blog and has a beautiful rustic home full of european touches that is done in a completely original way.
But, I keep going back to see her gardens.

Let's take a peek at the gardens of The Polished Pebble 

the Polished Pebble: Container Gardening: Pretty Perennials 
amazing combinations in these terracotta pots



i linked the above photo directly to her house tour from country style magazine with the outtakes as well. it is in my top 5 favourite house tours ever.

What did I tell you. 
Amazing right?

and just for fun some more garden shots that have been inspiring me

The rose garden 

Briarwood Landscapes - Petworth, West Sussex 

A Glimpse Into the Garden; gorgeous garden tour


I am an organized chaos gardener as you can see  from all of my inspiration photos. I like planning out the timing of flowers and textures and cleaning up one plant for another to bloom.

What type of gardener are you? Neat and english style with everything in it's place or the cottage garden of suprises or are you not a gardener at all? Lack of love or lack of confidence?

Audrey Hepburn said "to plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow"

Positive thinking and if all else fails a sign of good gardener is not a green thumb but brown knees.

Have a great day all,


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  1. The Polished Pebble is one of my all time favorite blogs.
    Not only is her house amazing, her garden is drool worthy!

  2. Hi Meg, I recognize the photo from Patina Farm...a little like my style of gardening, not quite...gorgeous..we are almost neighbours here in blog land ...I live in Jordan on the

  3. Oh my gosh, that is one of the most gorgeous backyards I've ever seen -- truly an oasis! That would never fly here in the AZ desert, but I can certainly drool.

  4. Hi Meg,
    Gorgeous inspiration gardens. Loved them all.


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