Friday, June 27, 2014

Where I work……office space tour

Happy Friday! Oh what a week it has been.  So many life changes happening here at Oliver and Rust! We are so ready to slow down and enjoy this summer stress free.

I thought that I would share a little walk around my office space today. I left the sewing machines on the table and the ironing board in place so you can see what this space actually functions like for me. I did clean up the thousand pieces of string and lint from the table though and remove all the wires that go to those machines as it just plain looks chaotic.

i am still really loving this piece i found at a thrift store for holding my pillows ready to be sewn and all of my thread/parts in one place

i flip between the old school chair and the wicker chair at my table depending on my mood and what i am doing. 
all of my supplies are hoarded in the multitude of baskets and cases. i would love to find a huge old cabinet with storage on the bottom one day but the ikea floating shelves work just as well.

i hung my bubble wrap roll on the wall so it is easier for me to rip off sheets but also because sammy thinks bubble wrap running is an olympic cat sport he should train for multiple times a day. this has curbed that habit so now he just carries toilet paper around instead.

Have a great weekend all,


  1. I love your home, have been following for a little while now, and I really love your studio. LOVELY!!!!

  2. I love how you stage your stuff -like me it looks like you have collected over the years. I am always searching for creative ways to display, organize and store the things I have. Especially, now that we are in a much smaller home. I have browsed around your site before and love how you decorate - you follow your own style rather than following the latest trends and that is truly refreshing. So many of the homes decor blogs all look pretty much the same. Your's stands out from the crowd.

  3. So many fascinating pieces...the old clocks, the tape dispenser, the scales! I am sure this space gives you lots of inspiration (even when the strings are on the floor and the cords are in a tangle)! Pretty, pretty. Jane


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