Monday, June 30, 2014

Putting the grass between your toes in the front garden

It is our semi holiday weekend here in Canada but the holiday fell on Tuesday so, it is off to work for me today and then a little break tomorrow for July 1.

We're going into my happy place today. Kick off your shoes and let's go for a walk in the grass.
Although my happy place has been invaded by a combination of voles and pocket gophers who have been trying to consume each and every one of my new lovely plants.

I have been employing technology found on amazon in the form of sonic stakes after the used cat litter, cayenne pepper, tunnel flooding and simple whack-a-mole policies weren't working. I will have an update on this situation in a few weeks as I figure out what actually works for anyone who is similarly inflicted.

Lots of photos, less talking.

Our early summer front garden this year.

dahlias's planted in a pot in our garden bed

white swan echinachea getting ready to bloom next to bird's nest spruce

yarrow, salvia nemerosa, and tradescantia red

rudbeckia (black eyed susan) waiting its turn in the spotlight, with an upright boxwood that took a winter beating in the background

tall leaf plant in left background is ligularia, grey foreground is lamb's ear and many varieties of hosta as well as russian sage

yellow flowers are coreposis, tall green bent plant is solomon's seal, elijah blue fescue, purple tree is a japanese maple called something that i forget and i am having a brain fart so will ask my mom and get back to you

clematis in background "westerplatte", lilly in foreground

looking from the front yard to my vegetable garden in the back. my sunflowers are really starting to get some steam now

clematis on trellis white is john huxtable, and plant on right is heuchera "coral bells"

Have a great day all,


elizabeth and co
savvy southern style


  1. It's all so beautiful, Meg. I especially love your window boxes. Gorgeous! Enjoy the holiday. It just means a busier time for me. Deb

  2. Wow you have a lot of flowers to maintain. It's beautiful, how do it keep up with it all?

  3. Your flower garden is beautiful and I would love to walk on your grass too! You wouldn't dare walk around barefooted on my lawn...stickers! Happy Holiday!

    Gigi @ Old World Patina

  4. What a great variety of flowers you have and such beautiful gardens. Everything looks so lovely and relaxing.

  5. Are you related to the Energizer Bunny? How do you do it??????

  6. Lovely! Great variety and lots of interest.

  7. What a lovely setting for your lives, but you need to import a fox! Goodbye voles.

  8. Gorgeous! You absolutely MUST id all these beautiful plants for us! There's so many I want to know about! Please?

    1. hi karen, i just did an update of the post and did quite a few of the plants. if there is something specific that i didn't answer just let me know and i will try to help.

  9. Good morning Meg! I featured your beautiful garden and outdoor room at our garden party this morning. Thanks so much for sharing such beautiful inspiration!


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