Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Pillow Storage, painting the end tables and some drama with black

Good morning friends.
In the midst of the show madness and furniture transformations to show you, I had a bit of a switcheroo in the spare bedroom. We found a piece on kijiji I totally intended to add to the sale but, we got there and went up the 2 flights of stairs the sellers forgot to mention we would have to carry it down, heard the fantastic story of the pieces heritage and saw that wood. That cupboard never had a chance in hell of leaving our house once we got it there.
Once we got it into the room, there was too much wood with the end tables I didn't love anyways. Hmmm... buy another set or paint.

Paint won.

Therefore welcome to the domino effect redone bedroom. Still romantic but, now with the drama of black.

i switched out the small rug that was here for a large german grainsack

the end tables are now black. #missmustardseedmilkpaint typewriter black. love love them now and they look great with the brass lamps.

i took the gallery down beside the bed and hung up a portrait of an old lady that was displaced from our bathroom reno. i moved some of my gallery-ness to the wall with the chair and cupboard.

and there is my beautiful new stripped pine armoire that holds my ridiculous amount of pillow covers for all seasons.

they are coming off a bit bluish in the camera but they are black black. it took a lot of dark wax to get them to the shade i was looking for and then added the distressing. the brass and black knobs were in my stash from last year at hobby lobby

i also took down the chandelier i painted white 5 years ago and painted it black  and added round bulbs for a more modern feel

the striped grey and white duvet cover is from ikea and i plopped a few grainsack pillows in green on the bed.

I am really enjoying the redo and as much as I loved the room before I adore it now and feel like it suits us better and ties in with the rest of the house by adding the black.

Have a great day,


  1. Good morning, Meg. I spend way too much time looking at photos of your beautiful home so it is no surprise to me that as soon as the first photo popped up the cupboard jumped right out at me. I adore scrubbed pine pieces and that one is a keeper for sure. Your room was lovely before and the black is a lovely addition. Now I'm off to finish my tea and admire your pictures a bit longer. Just a style fan, not a stalker, honestly haha.

    1. I just saw a cupboard very similar to yours on forever*cottage by Jill Hinson's blog. Here's the link if you didn't already see it:

  2. Meg,
    I love the side tables in black and the new cupboard, but I really want to see that pillow case collection! Do show and tell.

  3. I've been adding black throughout my house, too, and I just love it. I think your bedroom is absolutely perfect!!!!!

  4. Meg,
    I was planning to paint my daughters dresser black and was a little worried, but yours looks fabulous. I'm going to do it! She needs a grownup dresser now instead of her purple and green one :) I really like your bedroom too. It's cozy and I love the colors.
    Redeemed Junk and Stuff

  5. Beautiful room...I love all of the accents and furniture choices that went into this space.

  6. Another home run of a redo! Love black, green and white together. Those knobs are awesome, too.

  7. And now I want to paint my night stands black... Heck, I'd like to copy the whole room! Perfect Meg, just perfect. :)
    Danielle @ Antique Recreation

  8. I love love love this room! I've been searching forever for a pair of nightstands nearly identical to those (tall and narrow for our little master bedroom space) but no such luck. I like that you chose black. All of it is just gorgeous!
    Lauren @ blesserhouse.blogspot.com

  9. Such an inviting and charming space that has much detail and interest! Very eclectic and I love it!

  10. Absolutely stunning. I love it all. You definitely know how to accessorize in such an amazing way. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me.

  11. Meg,
    So pretty! You have such a special touch with decorating your home and I thank you for sharing at my Show and Share Party. I am going to feature you at my arty this week.


  12. Just beautiful - love love love those end tables and that cupboard ? Well that's a find and a half - perfection !
    I'm off to pick up a headboard tomorrow from Kijiji :)

  13. Hi Meg! So much fabulousness in one room! I love the black too. A decorator once told me that every room needs at least ONE thing that is black. Congratulations on being featured over at "A Stroll Thru Life" blog party!

  14. What a gorgeous room, Meg. I can recover after my surgery in zero time in here.

    TY for sharing.


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