Friday, June 6, 2014

Outdoor Room 2014

Seeing as the weather is about 3 weeks behind this year, it is only fitting that our lovely outdoor room is a bit behind as well. Don't get me wrong we setup the furniture in April on the 1 nice weekend we had but, I only got the plants in about 2 weeks ago. We are all set again for lounging, relaxing, washing dirt off fingers, drinking wine, laughing and listening to music. We changed up the lighting a bit this year. I took the branches down from the corners and we made a v out of the old school globe light strings. (purchased at #canadiantire for canadians). We had a bit of an accident when hanging these up. We got the string onto their hooks, looked away and they smashed to the ground. Whoops!
Cable ties to the rescue, plus a lot of vacuuming. Good thing our central vac reaches out to the patio.


  and my potato shovel that i caught a lot of flack for in virginia now has pride of place on our crate wall.

for the end chairs around the table this year, i used a linen and black colour cotton ticking stripe with top stitching. it blends well with the linen table runner without being competition. i will be adding these to the shop in the coming weeks.

i changed up the lanterns on the hooks this year. the black ones that were here we have had for about 9 years and never fit a standard size pillar candle. these schmancy galvanized beauties are from #target after i saw them in the new #canadianhouseandhome magazine and fell in love.


walter the gnome is looking quite smitten on his heavily distressed table. i painted this table last year with #missmustardseedmilkpaint in boxwood but, i didn't put enough poly on it so the winter killed the finish.  i grabbed my sander and went to town on it and once i got it where i liked it, added 2 coats of poly to keep it strong.

pillow combos in this area include: on the sofa, green and white french linen i bought from france, grainsack and ticking pillow in full bed pillow size so i can throw it on the ground when i am laying on my blanket staring at the sky. the middle indigo pillow is antique hemp like in the spare bedroom.
the egg mash pillow is from etsy ( i was going to link to her shop but it seems she has closed in the last 3 weeks or so? the primitive home was the name)
the squirrel nutcracker was from the luckett's fair from cassie's sweet clover tent 
i made the wine barrel ottoman last year in case you are new here and the diy can be found here


my mom was getting rid of the black wicker stool so i scooped it for my feet. the hanging scale is full of a white plant that i will share once it gets going.

Thanks for stopping by everyone.

To see this area last year, click here

Have a great weekend and shut the lid of your computer, hit the off switch on the Ipad and get outside and enjoy the fresh air.


  1. This patio is amazing!!!! Love it!

  2. What a beautiful retreat. Lovely!

  3. An inspiration for my outdoor room to be :)

  4. Oh I love, love, love your patio. It is fabulous.

  5. Love your porch. It looks so welcoming. The perfect place to spend summer days and evenings. I think I'll run out to Target to check out those lanterns, especially since they are on sale.

  6. looks wonderful and hey I love that shovel! great looking lights and lantern. I just strung some cafe lights out back last weekend and put them on a timer so it looks like there's a party out there every night :-)

  7. yer killing me with all the eye candy.....LOVE, I have so many of your outdoor images pinned already! Christine from Little BRags

  8. Is it wrong to covet a porch? Well, I covet yours - it's amazing!!

  9. Meg,
    This is such a charming outdoor how you have put it all together. I would love to have you come by and share it at my Show and Share Party.


  10. I want to copy everything on your patio!

  11. I always love seeing your vignettes and patio! You are definitely the vignette queen!

  12. Love the table and chairs...and all of the little touches in this space! Can I come hang out here?!


  13. love this outdoor space. I really wish we had a covered outdoor room, it's on my ever-growing list of wants! Thanks for popping by my little blog and not being offended by my re-creation of your fabulous hutch. have a great weekend.

  14. What a wonderful outdoor space - perfect for relaxing and gathering with friends and family! So many charming details! You really brought the feel of an indoor room to the outdoors!

  15. This is the best outdoor space I have ever seen, I swear. I am saving it to come back to again and again.


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