Monday, June 23, 2014

A tour with thanks, and a new plant stand in green

Good Monday morning folks.

I hope your weekend was everything you had hoped. We had gorgeous weather and some busy-ness to ours but I am thoroughly enjoying having time to play in my gardens.

Before I get to my post today, I wanted to give a thank you shout out to Jennifer of Town and Country Living for doing a tour of our home on her blog yesterday.
She did a lovely job and was very gracious in asking my permission to do so.
Hop over after you finish here to take a peek 

I played chauffeur to my hubby on Sunday after some stops we needed to make and drove myself in the direction of frozen yogurt and then one of my personal favourite to shop in antique stores. Prices are completely retail so it is purely a for pleasure place which is quite nice sometimes as it gets my brain out of work mode. 

Still practically in the parking lot and staring at the wild no one got hurt accident across the street my heart went pitter patter for a lovely vintage 4 tier plant stand in green of all colours.

It was priced right and because I know the lovely vendor (I visit and chat often) she gave me a bit of a deal and into the jeep it went.

I didn't waste any time unloading it and doing my thing with the shelves and thought I would share today. 

Sweet and simple post today.
I did a little fern watering prior to the photo so you can see it on the concrete. (I am using the epson salt dunking method on Pinterest so we will see how it turns out in a few weeks, so far so good)

4 removable green shelves and curly feet. perfect place for some of my pots and a great spot to move some of my orchid collection outside from the one place inside where they get light but could use more for some flowering to happen

anyone that reads all of my posts will recall i was casually whining about not being able to find angel vine a few weeks ago. found and planted in a copper planter now resting on the top shelf. locals if you're interested it was at vermeer's garden centre in welland in the house plant section in the middle

i also decided on friday to test the waters and move my larger fiddle leaf fig outside and see if i can get some of the leaves back on that right side

i tied it into this large industrial bin i found last year sometime so it doesn't fall over in our sometimes windy back yard. i was using this bin for display in the shows but kept it hidden this time just in case someone asked about the price and horrors decided to pay the crazy price i put on it. i guess that meant i really loved it and it needs to live here for the time being. 

Have a good day everyone,


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