Friday, May 9, 2014

WHAT ARE........Grainsacks?

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The warm weather is getting here and the plants are growing like crazy. I snuck over to a local greenhouse yesterday morning and accidentally brought home a lovely begonia. Yup total accident.

Continuing on with our What Is/Are series.


Grainsacks or grain sacks are made of hemp or linen. They can range in colour tone of very light sunbleached flax linen colour or to a darker almost burlap tone. They are most well known these days for the repurposed use in interior decor but were/are used to handle many loads of grain, feed or sugar. The fabric is made in 1 long panel that is sewn along the sides, that way there is no chance of leaking/breaking through the bottom.


 The stripes that many people now fuss over for their ability to add a bit of colour to your rustic decor actually had a very significant purpose. The colour, number of stripes, thickness etc. made sure that when the bags went out to the mills to be filled they were returned to their rightful owner. The farmers each had their own identifiable pattern and colour.

The larger grainsacks can be used as rugs, chair covers or even a huge body pillow. This particular one above is also a german grainsack where the type is the identifier.


Many people use the grainsacks as pillows to bring that touch of the farmhouse or french chic to their decor. It is probably my best seller in the etsy shop by far. I have a hard time keeping the green and black stripe in stock.


If you have issues with cutting into that grainsack that usually comes in around 50-70 dollars,  you can simply drape it across the back of a chair or bench.


I have had one of our sofa pillows wrapped in a german grain sack for about a year. These bags are completely washable and dryer-able. Sometimes when you first find your grainsack they may feel more on the nubby side. Repeated washings with fabric softener or vinegar allows the linen to become softer, especially when using them as pillows.


antique stenciled German grain sack upholstered 

The above chair is wrapped in german grain sacks. These sacks are becoming increasingly hard to find and therefore command a much much higher price in the retail and fair market. These sacks didn't all survive the war and therefore are the diamond version of grainsacks.

Hope this information helps!

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  1. Wow - that chair is amazing. Thanks for all the info on grain sacks. I love them, too. And...I love all your photos this morning. Like candy for the eyes. :) Have a great weekend Meg. Deb

  2. Just want you to know I absolutely LOVE and ADORE your home! It is so beautiful and don't think I would ever leave. Just so REAL!!!! <3 <3


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