Thursday, May 15, 2014

What are…. DEMIJOHNS?

Another week, another informative day.
This one although related to the show also will hopefully answer the many questions I have had from followers over the last few years.

What are.....DEMIJOHNS?
Many of you have asked where I got the green glass bottles? What store are they from?
Why do I have so many? (another question for another day covering neurotic vintage collectors)

A demijohn or as they may also be referred to a carboy, is a container used in brewing. They are usually glass or plastic (in my case always glass), and are used in the fermentation process of beverages such as wine and beer. They are fitted with a rubber stopper at the top during fermentation to prevent bacteria and oxygen from getting inside the fluid while it undergoes the process to make it drinkable.
Commonly the glass vessels you see are a shade of green, brown (rare) or clear. They may also have a plastic basket to make transportation easier (cuts off easily) or the wicker baskets that are so desirable in the french/english country set.


The smaller sizes as seen here in my capitol are usually from Europe and slightly harder to find. These don't usually just pop up in thrift stores and the like. Usually these are found from a seller who travels to Europe or from a family that was originally from there.
These square bottom styles can range widely in prices and have a definite depth to the colour tone.


The large demijohn in the wood crate was actually in my family and many times this style, the glass can be found missing its crate or basket. The skinny necked one on the floor was ensconced in the aforementioned plastic when I found it.

The demijohn shown in the above photo is the more common style of home brewers now. They range in size from small to quite large and run in a light blue to dark green range.
We live in the heart of Niagara wine country with a lot of European nationalities settled in the area. Demijohns are not overly hard to come by if you are looking for them.

white dresser, wood drawers 
The lovely colours of the glass bottles just add something to any space and look pretty when the sun shines on them without looking too heavy.
love the chairs and ottomans, vintage colouring 

If you are not anywhere near the vines and wine tours then you can hunt these out in local classifieds online as demijohn, demi john or sometimes even as simple as green glass. There are many varieites on Etsy and Ebay and you could maybe even try asking at a local "u-brew" place if they know of anyone getting rid of their equipment. You may have to take home 5  boxes of hoses and yeast to get the 1 demijohn but, it's all for the traveled home cause right?

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  1. Oh, I love these! I have a small collection, but yours are SO fun! :)

  2. Great post and a great collection of pictures. And a great collection of demijohns you have my dear!

  3. You call them demijohns - we (Norway and Scandinavia) call them damejeanne (french?). But we are all thinking about the same beautiful bottles in pretty colours.


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