Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Grey continues on a sunny week

The big last piece for the show (not the last one for me to show you but the last one I completed). I like to have one large china cabinet for display and because I like a challenge.
This piece was just a solid beaut waiting for an update. It already had the brass campaign hardware that Trevor so patiently pried off so I could do my magic.
He really is my patient right arm.

This piece is very large so it goes right to the top of my metal photo wall. I cropped it to the minimal amount I could. I stripped the doors and then applied white wax by Miss Mustard Seed to give them the aged appearance. The inside of the cabinet took 3 coats of primer and 2 coats of my white Annie Sloan/ BM Aura mix. 

This was the challenging part of this one. There are these fantastic side lights in this cabinet that allow you to see your displays from 3 sides and after removing all of the glass pieces the entire inside needed painting including the back side of the front (doors/ dividers etc) that on any normal china cabinet you could leave. Sucker for punishment and early white in my hair. Literally, white in my hair because it is big and I kept climbing inside the cabinet to see better.

The rest of the outside was done in the same Perfect Grey from Monday's dresser.
The effect is kind of glam farmhouse. The cupboard feels grown up but the brass allows it a little edginess. I used this as a jumping off for the styling incorporating some salvage and industrial pieces like the old colander, scale and trophy.

I think there was probably a duplicate shot in that bunch but my brain is getting tired and I just don't have the energy to figure out which one. lol. I know you have all been there and will forgive my extra pictures.Plus I am trying to pay attention to the OKC game and watch them finally smush the Spurs. Yup I'm a basketball=ite.


Have a great day all,


  1. GORGEOUS!! Love how you left the doors stained, they look great against the light grey!

  2. Wow...what a fantastic piece. The fact that it lights inside is a real bonus. I love how big the windows are and the side panels. Gorgeous. You have displayed some beautiful pieces. Love all the granite-ware. Deb

  3. LOVE this! i love the style of this piece- the hardware is awesome! and i love what oyu did!

  4. What a beautiful transformation! Great work!

    Gigi @ Old World Patina

  5. Love how you left the doors natural - I've never seen it done like this! Bravo for some unique inspiration :)

  6. You've done a wonderful job, it is quite the show piece.
    I hope to see it first hand on Saturday unless its sold before I get there.
    I've been in this business (antiques and vintage finds) for many years and it is very pleasing to see that the younger generation (that's you Meg) have found the beauty of reusing and restoring items that would otherwise end up in the landfill. Bravo!

  7. Beautiful job on this piece. The natural doors really make it special.

  8. Meg, this is the bomb in my book - I love it! We have several Henredon campaign furniture pieces and this would really be a cool addition. Wish I lived somewhere less than 2 days travel time near you. Super nice. And the styling is terrific. I'm a basketball=ite, too. Glad OKC won last night, but the Heat is my team! Best of luck with your show.

  9. I love all the hardware and how you finished the upper doors. Just gorgeous!

    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

  10. This is one beautiful transformation - love the bits of wood you left showing!

  11. Hey! Is it your hair that's big or the cabinet? LOl!
    No, really. I love the look you've created! I'm making a credenza out of reused cabinets and am going to strip the glass doors, leaving the oak frame painted. I really love that look! And, love my Citristrip!
    Anyway, I think this is BEAUTIFUL with its brass hardware, etc. Great job.


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