Friday, May 2, 2014

TGIF: White Provincial Dresser

Yep, it's Friday. Thank goodness. My hands look like a speckled egg with all the different paints on them as I have been a busy beaver trying to get furniture painted on good weather days so it can all get photographed and moved into the show pile.

I have a funny inkling that the weather is going to turn right around our long weekend when we leave for Luckett's and I am going to come home to lots of fun gardening and planting.

Today I have a lovely white provincial dresser for your viewing pleasure. This dresser is solid in structure, not solid wood but in great shape structurally. The previous owner had sprayed it and the top was in bad shape from chipping and some kind of weird material that I am still unsure of that needed to be cleaned off.

I love these dressers in white so that is the direction I went and white sells well in my area.
I sanded, sanded, filled and sanded the top some more. Two coats of primer and 2 coats of white mix and clear wax.

For locals, this dresser is available before the sale so if you or anyone is interested, send me an email at

i have tried a new type of white paint for my furniture. i love annie sloan pure white mixed with old white for the perfect white but the amount of white that is usually required has me using a lot of the pure white. annie sloan paint is NOT cheap no matter how far i can make it go and the price of it in canada is close to 44.00 a quart. i wanted another option so i tried out the highest quality paint that benjamin moore makes in their aura line in pure white. the quart comes in closer to 30.00 all in and i can still mix it 3:1 with annie sloan old white.
it worked out fabulous for me and the coverage was amazing. aura is such a good paint that i had no troubles whatsoever and actually think i am getting more coverage with this method.
problem solved.

i left the original hardware in original condition

you can see the overspray from the professional sprayer but it doesn't affect the slide so i left it as most people don't care. i'm just fussy.

you can see on the top that it has the appearance of a texturized finish but the feel is butter smooth after the sanding and buffing

and because i know you all love vignettes, a little closeup for you.  the bust, enamelware, silver, jars are all items available at the sale. the huge jar was a find from this week. it has an incredible sea glass colour and would be perfect as a terrarium.

Did you all notice my new watermark and header as well?

My fantastic sister-in-law who is quite a bit younger than I, is finishing up her graphic design program and I decided to take advantage of her knowledge to brush up some quirks about my logo that I didn't love. I purchased my logo on etsy with a brand kit from a lady in Australia. She did what I asked but with time difference and email limitations of communication it wasn't perfect and I have wanted to tweak it ever since. When I chose the phrase underneath the Oliver and Rust it was kind of thrown together and worked for the at-home business I have been running. As the actual location looms closer I wanted to change the ~vintage finds  restyled furniture~ to reflect what I wanted my store to say.
I love vintage and painting furniture but do not want to be pigeon holed into a painted furniture company. I love wood furniture just as much as painted and love all aspects of decor not just the vintage side. I changed the phrase to vintage interiors and she added a feather to balance it out which works wonderfully for me as I love birds, feathers feel vintage and timeless.

She also volunteered to make me a monogram which you are seeing in the watermark and I am so happy with how it turned out. I will be transitioning headers, watermarks, business cards over the next while so everything may not match for a bit.

Wow, got a little chatty there at the end.
Almost forgot the before photo of this dresser. You can see all the filler blotches as I had already started working as usual before remembering to take the photo.

Have a good day all,


miss mustard seed 


  1. Viewing pleasure, indeed! What a wonderful white provincial dresser! Love the sweet white and glad you left the original hardware, looks awesome! Thanks for sharing, Meg!

  2. Such a pretty piece and I love it done in white. Gorgeous.

  3. It turned out beautifully. I only wish I was able to get to Luckett's!

  4. Thank you for the tidbit about mixing the white chalk paints. I love Annie Sloan as well, and have been experimenting a bit on trying to create my own chalk colors, but still have not found the exact consistency, I will have to try the Benjamin Moore paint mixed with chalk paint already as well. I do adore the Benjamin Moore line. I cannot wait to try these combinations, I have a inventory in my garage to paint.
    As always, I love your style and your website. I agree on painting furniture, I love to do it, but do not want to be pigeon holed. I recently opened space at a popular Antique Shop and always try to incorporate vintage and industrial type pieces, the same that I do in my home. The dresser looks amazing and I always enjoy reading your blog!
    The watermark looks great.

  5. We have been using the aura Benjamin Moore paint on our woodwork, doors, bathroom vanity and now my kitchen cabs. It is great paint and unless you are heavily distressing I doubt that most people would ever know the difference. Outside of blog world, no one knows what Annie Sloan paint is anyway!

  6. Oh Meg thanks so much for this timely tip of mixing with Aura! I have the AS Old White but I'm not thinking it is bright enough to go with my other pieces and I agree that the cost here makes it more of a commitment. Do you think the mix will look good even though I use a brush and not a sprayer? I will be going out today to get the Aura. The new logos look great too. I really like seeing your vision of a brick and mortar store come together. Happy {wet here} weekend!

    1. i don't use a sprayer elizabeth and it works out just fine. the trick with whites is trying to keep the smoothness after 4 coats. i actually really liked the coverage with the aura and will only be using that now for white. i love the annie sloan but as most people around here don't know what it is there isn't a desperate need to only use her paint.

  7. I agree with your choice of paint, as well. Here in Vancouver, Annie Sloan is $50 a quart!,


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