Saturday, May 10, 2014

Spring Buds and Mom

I'm not much for Saturday posting but with the spring warmth and flowers starting to emerge I thought I would share some photos I took last weekend after a rain storm.
Plants and flowers always make me think of my mom as 100% of my plant and garden knowledge comes from her. She is my one stop encyclopedia for everything green.
This being mother's day weekend I thought they fit together. Pretty photos and the chance to wish my #1 blog reader and continued inspiration supporting cheerleader mom a 
Happy Mother's Day!

I love you!

our seriously little, white star magnolia is in full bloom right now. about 3.5 weeks late this year


one of the buds on our japanese viburnum.  it has doubled in size since last weekend


redbud tree just getting started with what will be a huge display of pink in a week or so.
Happy Mother's Day Weekend eveyone


  1. I can smell those magnolia from here. Happy Mothers Day to you.

  2. I'm not sure who does the inspiring, me or you, but I am proud to be the mother of a wonderful creative daughter,
    Thanks for the Mother's Day post.

  3. So pretty! Did you get my recent email? Please email me :)

    1. hi susan
      im sorry we have been so busy with show prep and a really late spring. i will work my butt off to get it to you in time.


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