Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Show Stashing

Good morning!

With all my blabbering yesterday about the flea market, I thought I would share the finds we came across and brought home for the sale. Everything in the photos will show up at the sale and if they aren't sold will make their way to etsy or into the fall sale pile.

We did keep the long panoramic photo ( I collect them and haven't filled up the wall space where I display them so they aren't for sale yet when I come across them) and the bakelite bowling trophy. Trevor used to competitively bowl when he was a young-un. He bowled for a few years after we met still and scared some of my friends with his ferocious concentration when bowling. He is one of those people responsible for the holes in the wall board by the pins. We decided to keep this trophy as a memory for him and reminded us we haven't been bowling in awhile.

lots of suitcases came home with us. yippee, because i have had people asking about them.

amazing horse trophy. heavy and beautiful

the seller of the brass champagne bucket had a bottle of sparkling wine in it and was trying to get me to take it but, our hands were so full i would have dropped it and soaked someone with some bubbly at 6 in the morning. hard to explain not drinking in the morning when you reek of the suds.

pots and poles

Have a good one all,

Tomorrow my favourite furniture makeover for this show yet,


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  1. Meg, you've got an amazing eye. Wish I could attend!

  2. Fabulous finds! I love the architectural salvage!

    Gigi @ Old World Patina

  3. um, those owls.... they look lonely for me.

    1. oh yes cassie, i heard them hoot they wanted to move to franklin

  4. Great stuff! I really like the suitcases!

  5. Great finds! Those are some great suitcases. I immediately noticed the galvanized tub, scale and locker basket.

    1. lol elizabeth. maybe they'll have to go live at your house :)


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