Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Road trip to Luckett's 2014

It is always a treat to go to any of the vintage shows in the USA whenever we have the opportunity as it is not something that we have here in Canada. We have antique shows sure but mostly the vendors just throw stuff on tables and the ground and you pick through it and pay a lot of money. I love the idea of going to put together shows with food vendors and vintage/craft vendors that love their work and it comes out in their products and displays. These people put their life blood into the work they do and when they find items, clean them, paint them, price them, haul them, set them up and negotiate with us the buyer, the price that they command for their work is usually nothing compared with their time (something many folks seem to forget, negotiating has for some, become a way to attack a vendor as everyone thinks they are a world class picker. a fact we have witnessed too many times.)

When discussing our road trips for this year we threw Luckett's spring market into the mix, first because it was relatively close, it would give me an opportunity to meet some of the people I have been connecting with online and bonus it was our long weekend.

It took us almost 10 hours to get to our first nights stop in Gettysburg, PA not because it takes that long to drive there but, because we kept stopping at some amazing antique co-ops along the way and getting lost in the sheer amount of vintage and collectibles throughout the state of Pennsylvania. If there is something you are looking for, it is probably in that state. The nice part was that because there is so much, the prices aren't ridiculous like we found in Georgia and Massachusetts.

We went to the spring market on Saturday in Luckett's Virginia and thinking that by going late afternoon the main crowds would be gone. Boy were we wrong. There has been major rain and flooding throughout this area of the states and the main field where cars are parked at the show was closed. There were people parked on the road for miles and then stuck in the ditches. We got the slow scenic tour of the countryside waiting to get in but it was a beautiful day so no complaints.

The market was packed still when we arrived and after scarfing some food truck food and getting a freshly squeezed lemonade (my favourite part of any vintage market) we began to wander and I took some photos to share with you. There was a ton of vintage painted furniture. some good some not so good (my opinion of course) but this area seems to be ripe with painting.

a lot of parts of the market were on this pea gravel. so provincial looking for all of the displays.

looking at this photo i realized i forgot to get this vendors card and forgot to go back and snoop out one of these fluted pots. they were gorgeous!

ah the mustard seed green velvet chairs. i exercised so much control and didn't bring one of these home. i mean come on green velvet and me. we're like peanut butter and jam.
and since i said mustard seed, yes i met marian. finally. i stood there waiting in line to meet her as she is like the kim kardashian of this event (not in the bad way, but in the most famous person at the party everyone wants a photo with way)
we have a bit of a business relationship going on and i wanted to put faces together. she was just as nice and down to earth as her blog represents and i feel honoured that i got to meet someone doing business her way and inspiring so many others.
i totally bought one of her t-shirts and will probably get paint all over that baby. as it should be!

the next few photos are inside the luckett's design house. they change this house to coincide with special weekends and it was just beautiful to walk through and see the displays. they also had the best smelling candle burning.

sneaking into the photos :). trevor was trying to see over me. not too hard as you can see how much taller than me he is, and i'm not short.

totally took this photo and didn't even see that table/ottoman until i was editing this photo. what the what! a wicker coffee table with legs. that is amazing and would have made a great addition to my living room.

Well I hope you enjoyed your Luckett's tour! Now onto our loot from this trip.
This is the last load to make it into the show as I am just spent from pricing and shopping at this point. It is the best part of my new career that I get to indulge my vintage shopping happiness but, when you are looking so hard for great pieces that just can't be found at homesense and the like, it does get a bit tiring.
These items were found all over PA and at the Luckett's market. Most of the Luckett's stuff was for us as we can't buy things at retail and then try to mark them up.

the potato shovel in the back i found at a flea market and i got a lot of flack from a certain husband for buying a shovel on this trip and carrying it around like the holy grail. these shovels are around 75-95 bucks here ALL THE TIME! and this lovely was 20. it is going into the outdoor patio space.
we came out of this trip with some amazing ironstone pieces and the had to find sugar bowls. some in perfect condition some with battle scars but all lovely and beautiful for display.
not pictured are 2 old ladders i also carted home.

we found this miss america trophy from the 60's in an antique mall and i just love the look. what a perfect piece for a girls vintage room or an industrial vintage space. rare and divine.

the wood ironing board i found at a garage sale we drove by. the squirrel nutcracker goes into our growing squirrel collection and was found in the sweet clover barn space at luckett's where i met cassie from primitive and proper.
yup i was totally hamming it up meeting cool awesome people.

car trophies from the 50's

Well that was a lot of photos. If you made it to the end, congrats!
We had a blast and look forward to heading out to this area again soon. So many beautiful towns , restaurants and of course shopping!!

Have a great hump day,



  1. You did real all the ironstone you came home with!!

  2. how did i not see those car trophies?!?!? ;) seriously so great to meet you! thank you for coming and for the awesome recap!

  3. What a great stash! PA does have the best vintage finds, doesn't it? I'm loving everyone's Lucketts recap. One day I will make it to the market.

  4. WOW! That sounds like such an amazing trip and you came home with so much goodness!

    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

  5. If you're looking for another great flea market/show that might be a little closer for you, there is one in Springfield, Ohio that is to die for. In May and September, they have what they call, their Extravaganza with around 2000 vendors. These two shows are nicely done, with good parking and the show is at the Clark County Fairgrounds. They have a section in the middle of the show called the Vintage Market Place, and it is composed of mainly vintage shops from all over Ohio and surrounding states that bring their best and display it beautifully. These shows are the highlight of my year running Friday through Sunday, and the best in the whole state of Ohio. The May show was just last weekend, the same as Lucketts. Unfortunately, I couldn't go last weekend because I broke a bone in my foot the Saturday before and my doctor forbid me. Enough to make a grown woman cry. Hope you might consider attending the fall one in September and would love to meet you if you do. I'll be there this time even if I need a wheel chair :)

  6. Sounds and looks like you had an amazing time!! Love all the ironstone!

  7. Oh my gosh all the eye candy! I would have to have an eighteen wheeler if I went to a place like that! I also wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. Your home is truly beautiful. You are a girl after my own heart with all the green. That is my favorite color!

  8. Meg, you found some super finds! I was at Springfield (OH) Extravaganza and, sadly, it was total bust (in a bad way) this spring. Your $20 potato shovel, the Miss America trophy (and the car ones), all the ironstone (and I know what you mean HAVING to keep due to price paid - darn, right??) - all fantastic scores. I would say your weekend was a really good one. The design house had some cool stuff too - I liked that bombay chest in the photo Trevor photobombed :). The worst part of getting it all home (for me, anyway) is wanting to unwrap, price and repack resale stuff, and then place all the keepers in the house ahead of the laundry and catching up of life in general that usually has to come first. {sigh}. Have a great weekend.

    ps - loved you over at Susan's last weekend. I was too busy being out of town at Springfield to comment then, but I didn't miss it!
    Rita C at Panoply

  9. Love all the photos!!! I couldn't be at Lucketts so this was super great way to peek! :)


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