Thursday, May 22, 2014

Grainsack Hall Table

On the heels of our Luckett's trip and meeting the Miss Mustard Seed, how about a furniture redo I finished up a week ago with her paint line

This piece was a frustrating sell for me and I will explain why.

I bought this piece and many others last year from a lady and her daughter in our area. The daughter now grown had this piece in her room and had carved the top with artwork. Deep ingrained carving that took a lot of work from my sander and wood filler to get the top smooth again. The finish had also gotten the wonderful patina only age brings but it is also the kind that sucks up milk paint like water.

this piece was finished in #missmustardseedmilkpaint in grain sack. there was an undercoat in curio to get a two toned appearance. there was a combination of furniture, white and antiquing wax used to get the finish right.

so for the tricky part. after i had put 3 coats of paint on this piece and came back to it, it still looked like the piece only had one. it wasn't bleeding through per say as there were no pink/red spots but the yellow oak tone was very prominent and i wanted the light grey/white look of the paint. i had it all back together and hated how it looked. i did the heavy distressed thing and wash look and just got more pissed off at it. i DON'T like how washes look and heavy distressing never looks natural to me unless it came from chipping (at this point this piece was not chipping) or nature!
as i sat there staring at it and drinking wine to calm the grouchy paint gnome in my head i thought maybe doing a wax topcoat and then painting over it would do the trick. off to work.
i gave a very very light wax coat and then painted 2 more coats of grainsack over top of it but left the top drawer as i had finished it prior.
i finally got some chipping and the yellow was staying down. 
i got the farmhouse look i was going for and  think this piece now shines with age and flavour perfect for a hallway, bedroom or towel cupboard in the bathroom.

the door had a frosted glass insert that would not have done what I wanted look wise so garbaugey it went. i added a grey and white ticking stripe screen into the door and left the original keyhole and brass hardware

to my note prior about natural age. that old piano stool missing its head to the left is all natural chipping. it is perfect as an ironstone chamber pot plant stand.

you can see the colour difference between the drawer and the rest of the piece. it almost mimics my grain sack table in my upstairs. the age around the keyhole stands out now with the help of white wax and looks gorgeous.

to make the window screen i used a piece of heavier gauge metal mesh (any hardware store near chicken wire) and cut out the size i need 1 inch larger than the opening. my original intent was to use chicken wire but with the stripes was looking too busy.
i then cut my fabric to be an inch larger than the mesh.
i ran the edges through my serger so they were neat and tidy.

i then glued all the way around with my glue glue making sure the edges were as neat as possible.

trevor stapled the mesh into the door for me and voila. farmhouse chic.


Have a great day everyone. I have one last behemoth of a cabinet to finish today for the show. I always leave the biggest piece until last. Like climbing the mountain I suppose.


  1. Very Pretty--I think you did a great job even though it was a lot of work!

  2. Your hard work paid off. It came out beautiful!!! I have had my full share of difficult pieces to work with lately so I feel your pain!

    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

  3. Beautiful! I've never tried painting over wax before, I will have to try it sometime!

  4. Amazing transformation.

    I love the new look.

  5. Some pieces are a royal pain in the arse, but I think you came out the winner!
    My eyes went straight to the piano stool...I have my grandmothers that I have resisted painting.
    Yours is fantastic and perfect for holding a chamber pot. :)

  6. Love it! It turned out gorgeous!

  7. Visiting from MMS, I love your cabinet! For all the frustration, it turned out beautifully.


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