Monday, April 28, 2014

Spring Dining Room

Good morning blog friends!

Well now that Easter is over and we are still having winter like temperatures here in Southern Ontario (I seriously don't ever remember bitching so much about the weather ever and as a dental hygienist seeing 10-14 people a day it gets a lot of lip), I have brought our dining room into spring mode sans rabbits.

I love taking photos in this room, as I really enjoy all of the angles and we also spend a lot of time in this room eating, talking, drinking sometimes singing and the like.

I notice that it is easy to be swayed by all of the styles we see out there in magazine land, Pinterest and the like. I am finding that I am drawn to certain styles and even when I try something different, I tire of it easily. My vintage eclectic farmhouse global style does not mesh with the sometimes rachel ashwell shabby chic pretty I occasionally try to add on our main floor. It ends up looking too precious against our homes background. Something to be said for knowing your own design mind and finding your OWN design voice I suppose.

 Here's what our room looks like right now for the time being. I am enjoying the neutrals a lot more lately and letting certain statement pieces take pride of place ( ie in this room the buffet and ironstone collection)

To the photos......

the fabric for the runner i had shipped from europe and the rest of it will be making pillows for our outdoor room. it makes a relaxed runner that doesn't get in the way of eating for right now and makes cleanup quicker. i also scooped up a lovely white begonia in a walk through a local nursery sighing at the plants that can't come home with me yet.

the seagrass baskets on the doors are from #target and give the room a bit more of a relaxed spring/summer vibe.

it has been said many a time. collections make more of an impact when put together. none of these ironstone pitchers are new to us but they were scattered throughout our home. i revamped the buffet top and grouped them all together and love the impact.


views from the other end of the room into the kitchen


 and this seasons fabric offerings from left to right: charcoal grey and white cotton ticking, antique hemp sheet, sanderson angel ferns in charcoal colourway

Thanks for joining me today
Make it a great one,


  1. I love your dining room and all of your decor is stunning. You always do the best vignettes. I would love for you to link up to Inspire Me this afternoon. Party goes lives at 3 PM. Hope to see you there.

  2. I love everything about your room! So Great!

  3. Don't mold your style after any other! We frequent your page to see YOUR style. It is the Oliver and Rust style. Just do what you love because your readers seek out your style to imitate!

  4. I love your dining room! Love the doors, love the table, love the ironstone!

  5. Meg, I love your style and colours. I came across your home on Pinterest. I had been trying out some new looks over the long and gloomy winter and when I saw your home it inspired me. I am a home stager and currently have my home for sale. While my walls are Benjamin Moore's Sombero, the cream, wood, and green looks great with it. I also have a collection of wild life art by Rick Manners (he is in Grimsby) and I was struggling to work this art into my decor. Again, your home gave me the inspiration to mix the art work with the rest of my decor! You continue to inspire me! Thank you, Donna aka urbanonion :)

  6. Meg,
    LOVE your dining room and your buffet just might be my fav.


  7. Meg, I like the way you describe your style as "eclectic farmhouse global" - that's so spot on, I get you. And I also get what you mean about the shabby chic sometimes being too precious. Your style looks great staying true to yourself.
    Rita C at Panoply

  8. I love your style Meg, its gorgeous and so homey looking. Your dining room is to die for...especially the doors!

  9. I think your decorating style has sort of an Australian or South African vibe and I love it. I know what you mean about trying to follow an in style that just isn't you. I've been trying to go white in my bedroom...not working.

  10. Love, love the buffet and the doors. You have a wonderful style and a great eye for putting it all together!

  11. Beautiful! Such a lovely space. I love so many things in this room...the doors, the bench, the table and wicker chairs. I can just imagine lingering and visiting with friends and family after dinner in this space. Very welcoming.

  12. I love your style! You have put together a beautiful dinning room.

  13. Oh my goodness, your home is so full of wonder and charm!! I love your ironstone pitchers, they look lovely clustered together!

  14. What a beautiful dining room and perfect for this time of year! The ironstone collection is wonderful and all of your open shelves in both rooms allow your readers to enjoy all of your delightful items, which are displayed on them. Such fun!

  15. I love your style….always something for the eye to land on….without being too busy. The white in this room brings a modern currency to the space while keeping with what is "your style." I can relate to your space so much more than the "all white" or "bright color" design that we are seeing so much of now.

  16. Oh Meg, this dining-room is just wonderful. I just love everything about it. I have looked at it and gone back to look at it again. I can just imagine sitting there and drinking it all in. I especially love your bench seat and the buffet. What a gorgeous colour it is. I'm a lover of ironstone, pottery and blue and white china. I'm looking in at the kitchen wishing I could see more. I love your use of wicker, too. So charming.
    I'm your new follower from Ontario. Deb


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