Thursday, April 17, 2014

Graphite chair before and after

Good Thursday morning everyone!

The sun is shiny, the birds are chirping and the cold weather is being banished.

A little before and after furniture transformation for you today. As I prepare for our show on May 31 (are you coming? did you sign in to the event page on Facebook?)
there will be more furniture transformations and or just general sharing of some of the great pieces we find that you might just be able to bring home with you.

Today is a simple chair and side table.

this is a fantastic solid oak chair that had a dated shiny finish wreaking havoc with its image. my original intent for this chair was to strip and leave lovely wood with hemp oil but, the amount of curves in the "6" legs would have taken forever and many toothbrushes to get all the poly out. i choose classic black and used #anniesloan chalk paint in graphite with a lot of dark wax. i like my furniture to be long lasting and i have found that the area i live in does not appreciate colour so much.  many of my coming makeovers will be black, white and grey as i never intended to be an orphanage for furniture with funky colours. this also suits me fine as the natural tones are what i love anyways and i think that love is reflected in those pieces.

the little marble side table saw the same finish and they actually look quite lovely together. a perfect pair for a living room or bathroom corner with space.

i styled up this chair with my favourite grey and white ticking pillows i was raving about in my bedroom. these are also in the shop and will be at the sale if you fancy.

the direction of the light gives the seat an aged look that works with the piece. i did some wear distressing where it would be found with age on this chair around the arms and seat front.

as with the last show, i will try to use items in my shoots that will be present at the sale. concrete birds with spring decor, milk glass vases galore, terracotta pots.

here is her before shot. such a beautiful chair just needed some updating to be relevant to today.

Well have a fantastic day everyone,


  1. Simply stunning!! What a transformation! It is so beautiful! I love it.....

  2. Relevant to today, indeed! What a sharp pairing you made of those pieces! Really nice.

  3. I rememebr seeing chairs very similiar to that one, my best friend had a whole dining set!!! LOVE the color you chose. I am so tired of all white homes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. What a transformation, a before chair you wouldn't look at twice. Now "look at that chair". Well done.

  5. Love AS Graphite! I'm one of those that prefers less colour on my furniture, so this is right up my alley!


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