Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Tablescape

Good morning friends!

What a lovely weekend it was. Sunshine and gradually increasing warmth made for a fantastic weekend of getting caught up on house chores and visiting with family.

Easter is usually my turn to cook so I managed to set the table up after removing all the paraphernalia from the bathroom and take a few photos.

I got some of the bunnies out of their boxes and gave them their shot in the spotlight.


i am so happy that brass is back on trend, not making me the wacky gold girl anymore. i found a set of brass plated utensils a few weeks ago for 5 bucks and they looked great on the table. i am also thoroughly enjoying using the new green ball jars for drinks.

my mom found these green and white antique napkins for me last year and i was excited to put them to use last night

Happy belated Easter everyone and enjoy your day!



  1. Love, love, love those tulips, tablecloth and utensils! Have a great week!

    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

  2. Love the tulips and the bunnies. Gorgeous tablescape. Hope you had a fabulous Easter.

  3. Wacky gold girl lol! Your tablescape is gorgeous and things you truly love (like brass) should never be out of style. Great deal on the gold utensils too. Happy Easter!

  4. Your table is exquisite! I love every detail! I posted my Easter table today too!

  5. Meg I need to know how wide is your table, it looks so roomy!

    1. hey ginette
      our dining room table is 40" wide. sorry it took me so long to respond

    2. It's all good Meg, just thankful to get an answer, it's 4" wider than mine but it looks so much wider.
      I love reading your blog! It's that little bit of sunshine that's missing these

  6. What a cheerful, festive tablescape! :)


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