Monday, March 24, 2014


Good morning into spring! It doesn't feel like it yet but the ground is soggy so it can't be too far away.
Today it is official. I have had so many people asking me so here is your Save the Date posting for the spring Oliver and Rust sale!
We flopped around a lot of dates and didn't want to get in the way of the long weekend, other large shows in the area and with the way the weather has been, the beginning of May made me nervous so........

Please join me and my team of lovely helpers! 
More info to come, right now we are just marking our calendars everyone!

Plus what is a sale announcement without a sneak peek of the goods. With the lack of sun lately it has been difficult to take photos of anything to make them feel springy so, I ran everything into my living room Friday afternoon after racing home from a course in Toronto to take some photos.

oh yes, my beloved green capitol has cousins. 2 to be exact! start thinking of a place to put them. they are 3 of a kind plaster capitols, not likely to be replicated.

baskets galore! big, small and eveything in between. i have some laundry baskets from france, old wicker picnic baskets all perfect for storage and display

honestly my collection of white ironstone and white enamelware is shameful. i have an entire 8 ft shelving unit dedicated to it. i am being misleading by having such a small sample here. some perfect, some with lovely crazing and chips. all beautiful for display and use.

a huge collection of pillows. this time around they are going to be more "one of" i have made sets of everything but not multiple sets so you are taking home something no one else will have. unique collections. this black botanical fabric is my new favourite for spring and made it's way into my own living room. there will be vintage fabrics, new fabrics in 20" squares, 16x24 lumbars and some 13x21 lumbars.

always with the demijohns and scale. still on the hunt for more

beautiful typewriters

and a sneak peek into my show storage room. we did a lot of work in this room to make it work for all of our product as having it sit in the front hall and on my garage workbench was not working. i haven't shown a reveal of this room yet as it isn't totally finished but you can see we made a brick wall from #loweshomeimprovement and it looks great.

Hope to see you all there (I mean if you're local of course)

As I get back to finishing furniture items and more hoarding photos, they will be added as well

Have a great day,



  1. Wow! You have so many wonderful things to sell. Looks like its going to be a great event! I love that green capitol and all of the columns you have!

    Gigi @ Old World Patina

  2. PLEASE open a store and offer shipping on those large items! Ups or greyhound freight can ship...ugh we are midwest u.s. and i love your stuff. .but it doesn't go on etsy.


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