Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Fleurish Design Studio: A Tour

Oh my word people, do I have a treat for you today.

I have been following the career of a local woman since she worked at a favourite local nursery of mine that was apart of her family A few years ago she ventured out on her own (an inspiration to me) and opened her own floral design studio and event planning business. She started in the basement of her home and eventually her husband and her built a barn to house her business. In a non-creepy non-stalker kind of way I cyber walked over to her facebook page a few weeks ago and my mouth....hit.....the...floor!

I couldn't sheepishly contact her fast enough when I saw all of the vintage amazingness in this space. I was also super excited to meet a woman my age doing it her way.

I would like to introduce you to the space of Jessica the brains and power behind

There are a lot of photos, please forgive me I was excited. 

the main work counter with galvanized top


the planning space for brides and events has 2 huge industrial desks with stools and 1 original chippy table. check out the colour on those chairs

Jessica was kind enough to leave out some of her fresh florals for the shoot. this garden/flower lover was in heaven

those amazing glass doors lead into her cooler with the original brass hardware. and seriously, are we seeing that plate rack attached to the wood beam with vintage silver at attention

that wall of barnboard is from the original barn that stood here. giving it a reclaimed new life.

what could be behind that lovely antique sliding door

the bathroom! an antique desk turned vanity. LOVE!


a furniture painter i am but you just don't get a finish like this without years of age


one last flower picture. parrot tulips, my favourite, too bad they're so hard to find in retail. hmmm idea, flowers and home store? oh boy, if i had my way it would be a flower, soap, home decor, furniture and cafe/store. i don't think my head would explode right away lol.

What do you think? Amazing right?
The best part was Jessica was just as wonderful as I remembered and without sounding weird I will be taking her up on her coffee date. Can't hurt to put vintage lovers together. As long as she isn't grabbing the scales and ironstone before me!

If you are local to the Niagara Region and are planning a wedding or event or know someone that is, contact Jessica through her facebook page.

She also has a lovely blog with photos of her work and arrangements.

Have a great day everyone,
Go smell some flowers, it will make you feel better about the weather


  1. wow! it is all so amazing! thank you for sharing!

  2. This brings back memories. I worked for years at a florist shop doing arrangements. HER shop/studio is GORGEOUS!!! We were very cramped and it was always a huge mess. Thanks so much for sharing this. I will go to her blog to look around too.

  3. Love Jessica and her business! Great pics Meg

  4. Love that arrangement with the gold roses...are those magnolia leaves?...and what kind of berries. Really lush.

    1. Hi Teddee, yes those were magnolia leaves! There were a few different kind of berries included within that garland but for the most part viburnum 'steel' berries. Thanks for the love ;)

  5. Can I move in - I'll sleep in the freezer!

  6. You captured this beautifully! Jessica is a true talent. and a flower, soap, home decor, furniture and cafe/store
    would be a great Niagara destination !

  7. wow, thanks so much for sharing my studio on your blog Meg! Love all of your views & your running commentary :)

  8. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing it with us. Looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship. :)

  9. What a beautiful and inspiring space. I can see why you wanted to share. :)

  10. Amazed! The reclaimed wood wall, the sliding barn door, the huge glass doors with the wood beam on top, the counter top, and, and, this is packed with lots of beautiful details. Bravo!

  11. What a great space to work and plan in. Thanks for the tour.

  12. wow, what an amazing work space. I'd love to see more of her designs, so glad you got to meet her!


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