Monday, February 24, 2014

Luckett's Green Cupboard

The weather is changing and I can feel the time to start painting.
I can't drag large pieces of furniture in the house because I can't stand walking around a mess after a day of regular work but smaller pieces fit just fine.

Using Harry Potter and Suits as inspiration while painting, I took a break from sewing like a mad woman and hit the brushes.

This lovely little cupboard has been painted with 3 coats of #MissMustardSeedMilkPaint in a combination of Luckett's Green, Grainsack and Boxwood

measurement ratio for paint:
i use a paint only 1/4 cup measuring scoop (so i am just adding up the amount of scoops for the amount of paint i needed for this project)
3/8 cup of luckett's green
1/8 cup boxwood
1/8 to a bit less cup grainsack (i added the grainsack last until i got the colour i wanted)

combination of miss mustard seed antique wax into grooves, furniture wax entire piece and white wax on and off with antiquing wax

i replaced the old pulls with glass pulls from lowes home improvement. i am planning on ordering some new hardware from dlawless but was pleasantly suprised that lowes carried these pulls


for a little surprise, the shelf inside got a coat of #GeneralFinishes emerald 

a bit of milk paint colour variation on the top from the bottom of the jar


Feels good to be getting back in the saddle again

This piece has been put up on kijiji and in the etsy shop if you are local and interested in the details, size etc.

Have a great Monday,


  1. LOVE IT!! I did a desk in Luckett's of my favorite colors!

  2. LOVE LOVE IT!!! I am in New Bruswick! I am a antique addict! and i also redo furniture! do you ship any of your furniture via Etsy? any advice with that?

  3. Love this cabinet...the color is fabulous!! Also love the window with the little wreath!

  4. adorable! i so think of green when i think of you! it suits you!

  5. I was going to say that you are ready for St. Patrick's day, but you are selling this beauty! Afraid I would have to keep it!! :) Beautiful!!

  6. What a pretty transformation and your photos are stunning! I’d love it if you linked this up to The Makers link party going on right now :)

    Have a great week!
    -Katie @ Upcycled Treasures

  7. Love this and I love the color green! Oh and I love love love the large green glass jar! Hello from The makers link party!

  8. It did turn out really nice! Love the green.

  9. love this shade of green. haven't tried MMSP yet. Maybe this summer. It's a beautiful cabinet. love the louvered door.

  10. amazing! absolutely amazing. thanks for sharing at my new link party!

  11. Your post has been featured at Sundays from Home!

  12. I love Luckett's Green and have used it. Cute cabinet and I love this whole display and that window frame.

  13. Meg what a perfect colour blend and I really like those crystal pulls too. ~ personallyandrea

  14. Beautiful update! Looks so much more fresh now! And the pulls pair so nicely!


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