Monday, February 3, 2014

Lamp Fetish and singing in the thrift store

It's one of those things. You see a set of lamps and they talk to you. This happens to me frequently in thrift stores and Pottery Barn. That middle section in Pottery Barn where all the lamps live is ridiculous.I can't even hear the person with me from all the lamps screaming at me to come home. Plus they go and put things like the built in dimmers in the switch and it is very hard to resist when the saleslady says "Can I get you out something you want?" Like how many lights does one homeowner need. We don't really need or use the overhead lights in our house except on extremely low dimmers because I love my table lamps. 

Bringing me to my point for today. A long winded point but point nonetheless. I was wandering through the Goodwill not really having any luck as there seemed to be an endless supply of plastic vegetable divider dishes, vhs tapes and dollar store picture frames and then there was singing. Singing and smoke. 

I found the most lovely brass lamps for our spare bedroom. They had hideodorous shades on them that smelt like the entire cast of Mad Men had been locked in a closet with them since the 60's so I left those there with the nice girl behind the register. I hustled those lamps out of there for 10 bucks and gave myself a giggle as I hit the beeper for my doors.
Nothing puts me in a good mood like a steal at the thrift store.

i loved the brass lamps that were in here but, they were bulky and didn't have the romantic and european look that kind of prevails in this room. i put the same grey lampshades from restoration hardware on them and love how they look


and just to make us feel a little bit more like spring i swiped some of the white tulips from the kitchen to make my photos look happy


the little oil painting is a new find from my favourite junk kind of store and has all of the colours from this room


the lamps are also quite a bit taller so make them have a bit more presence on the end tables which i would also like to replace but haven't found the right item from kijiji yet. ye have patience.

Well have a great day everyone, I'm hoping the same for myself but Monday's are not my favourite


  1. Love your new lamps and I would have grabbed those too. They look fabulous. Hugs, Marty

  2. Oh yes they would have come home with me too!! Love the gray lampshades you chose.

  3. Very pretty lamps and I love the grey lampshades you added to them!! I found a demijohn at a local indoor flea market this weekend and it was marked $10!! Grabbed that baby up and home it came with me:)

  4. Geez, I just LOVE your style! I never would ahve thought to put wreaths behind the lamps but it looks fabulous!!! Love the new lamps too, GREAT find and a steal!

  5. I love, love those lamps! Oh my!

  6. Great find. I'm so glad brass is far as I was concerned, it never went away.

  7. Love them, Monday's aren't my favorite either!

  8. How beautiful!
    I'm into lamps and side tables. How many SIDE tables does someone need -- but at least I have a lamp for each one, right?
    I found two matching brass lamps, where the brass was somewhat tarnished to the beautiful antique-y color. 2 for $20.
    The nice thing was they were SOLID brass. HEeeeeevy. Yeah!

    Good find and great job!

  9. Very, very pretty lamps . . . and I'm surprised I'm saying that because I'm normally not a fan of brass. Also, I do dearly love the antique window above your bed.


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