Friday, February 21, 2014

Inspiration Week: Wrap up

Welcome to Inspiration Week here at Oliver and Rust. I am often asked by people in person and virtually where I get my ideas from. While there is no direct answer to the way my brain works and sees things, I do soak up a lot of inspiration from outward sources. 
I thought it would be a neat idea to do a series of posts of sharing where some of my inspiration comes from.
I will be going through everything from books, designers to instagram. I hope you enjoy a peek into my favourites.

Well, what a fun week it has been with sharing some of the things that make my brain tick. Kudoos to all of you ladies that post everyday. I ended up under a pile of regular work this week and then my etsy store did a little blossoming (which I am so stoked about), Trevor and I found some amazing things for the show which needed picking up thereby continuing our tradition of eating dinner at 10pm and trying to write these blog posts each night. So I decided to skip a day and jam the rest of my info into this post. 

Alright first up today, MY FAVOURITE DESIGNER

I am proud to call this self made woman a fellow Canadian and would probably get my tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth if I ever met her. Her work ranges in many different styles and her wonderful use of fabric in all of her spaces is second to none.
Sarah Richardson and her amazing design partner Tommy Smythe create some of the most beautiful spaces out there and her farmhouse is hands down my favourite design. 

Sarah Richardson's Farmhouse - Great Room 

It is a fact of life that people watch movies. I am one of those people that find a movie I love then watch it non-stop for years. Some movies have such beautiful sets that I get distracted from the movie itself and watch the rooms. 

It's Complicated (the kitchen and living room)

It's Complicated-kitchen 
It's Complicated-living room

another movie that captures my heart and brain is

Because I Said So with such boho ecectic spaces

i may be thinking about it more with my recent addiction to the show Suits with the star Gabriel Macht who also plays Johnny in this movie

Milly's couch

and while we're on the topic of my movie repeat drawer, I might as well air my favourites list. we'll just keep it to the more chicky flicks for today so that I don't have to mention my serious 9 3/4/ 10  affection for anything Harry Potter, Lethal Weapon or Fast & Furious. 

You've Got Mail
Under the Tuscan Sun
Eat Pray Love
When Harry Met Sally
Something's Gotta Give
Letters to Juliet
Some Like it Hot 

I think the last source of inspiration I feel like sharing with you today is the original shelter mags that still hold a place in my heart.

I have already mentioned my adoration for Country Living.

In Canada we have a few quite outstanding decor magazines but, my continued favourite is Style at Home magazine with realistic spaces decorated but still lived in.

I would also like to live inside the pages of Flea Market Style magazine. Have you got your new copy yet? It takes forever to find it around here.


Well folks, that wraps up a week of some insight into where my ideas come from.
I didn't really go into blogs and Pinterest because those kind of seem like a no-brainer at this point. I do find however, that I have removed myself from most of the spam like group boards on Pinterest. I am rather picky with my pins as I actually look back through my boards all the time so I only pin things that I will really use or want to see again.

Thanks for joining me on this week of thoughts and I am looking forward to being continually inspired by all of you and doing a little inspiring myself.

Have a great weekend,



  1. I do love Sarah and Tommy! Always look forward to their shows on HGTV.

  2. Meg, we share much of the same taste in movies! Every one of these are my favorite, too. I have to add The Holiday and Love Actually.

    Happy Weekend!


  3. Great sources for inspiration, especially movies. I, too, get caught up in the sets for movies. One of my all-time favorite kitchen/conservatory/greenhouse is Practical Magic. I bought the video so I could look at that room repeatedly. The original Victoria magazine featured the house in one of their issues and revealed that the house was specially built for the movie, and then, horrors, torn down when the movie was finished.


  4. I love Sarah Richardson! Just about everything that her and Tommy's hands touch turns to gold. Love the first photo of the kitchen.


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