Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Inspiration Week: Instagram

Welcome to Inspiration Week here at Oliver and Rust. I am often asked by people in person and virtually where I get my ideas from. While there is no direct answer to the way my brain works and sees things, I do soak up a lot of inspiration from outward sources. 
I thought it would be a neat idea to do a series of posts of sharing where some of my inspiration comes from.
I will be going through everything from books, designers to instagram. I hope you enjoy a peek into my favourites.
Continuing on this morning with more of my sources of inspiration.
How do you print photos you've liked in Instagram?
About 2 years ago I gave up my glitchy Blackberry and switched over to an Iphone and haven't looked back. I do seriously adore my phone. They are not without their glitches and need to be updated constantly but, the applications are great and for keeping on top of my small business it has been a life saver. My favourite application to use to pass time, look at lovely photos and keep up with friends without all the facebook nonsense is Instagram. For those without an Iphone, my feed flashes in my sidebar of photos from our everyday life that don't make it to the blog and many other bloggers have something similar in their sidebar.
In this application you follow people much like blogs, and they post photos with a small blurb and you can comment on the photo and/or "like" the photo.
I am a stingy liker. Most of the people I follow are bloggers, stores etc. Basically people that I find inspiring. They post gorgeous photos with amazing filters that make them magazine worthy. There are no files for liking only 1 area where your liked photos end up. My suggestion to the people at Instagram from little old me, make 2 folders for liking. 
Photos you "like/want to acknowledge the person that you saw their photo" and photos you want to save to look at later. Just a suggestion.
Until those people at Instagram listen to me I currently have a system. I "like" any photos I love, find inspiring, want to look at later and if I like your photo but don't want it in my saved likes I will comment. It doesn't mean I don't appreciate your photo but I use my Instagram feed as a rolodex magazine of sorts. 
Now onto the reason to share this long winded info with you. 
How do you get those photos you love and want to look at out of your phone?
Meg to the rescue.
It took me forever to find the answer to this as most of the Instagram printing companies only print your photos not other peoples in your feed for good reason as I am sure this walks on copyright territory but I am not saving photos to use. I am saving photos to love for myself.
I used Instaport
You sign in with your Instagram id and then follow the directions. In this case you are exporting the photos you've liked. Don't forget where you put them!

Next you can leave them there and just look at them on a bigger screen or you can be more old school like me and have them printed out to look at.
I found a company named Persnickety Prints. 
They ship cheaply to Canada so I was sold. I chose to upload my photos and make a photo book instead of individual printing as there were close to 300. You choose your book style, load your photos and voila.
I didn't do much shifting around with the photos but they work out to 3-4 photos per page and you can choose your cover image, text etc.

this is how the 2 books arrived to me less than a week later. they were printed and shipped within 2 hours of my placing the orders.


this photo and the below 3 show what the insides of my Instagram inspiration look like. i can flip through them anytime i want and see all of the ideas out there that i love


i stash them beside my chair in the living room

I know this post doesn't apply to everyone but it is a source of my inspiration, I had a heck of a time finding this info so I figure if I help even one person my job is done well.

Have a good day all,


savvy southern style 


  1. Wow that's a wonderful idea to have them printed out! Now a days we always look at pictures through a computer so I think it's great to print out inspiration and actually have them to look at in those cute little books!!

  2. Can you be on Instagram to admire, but not to post things????
    Yep, I am old.....I only have public computer access and cannot download anything. I would LOVE to do what you are doing, but I do not have a clue :^(
    Thank you for any info..

  3. This is awesome information, now on to the Iphone...work gave me a Blackberry, woe is me ;)

  4. I think that week was really fantastic and without any doubts I highly appreciate in such Instagram work and pretty much willing to take part in such week if get any chance in future. I hope for this work you will get a lot of Instagram likes.


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