Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Inspiration Week: Furniture Painters

Welcome to Inspiration Week here at Oliver and Rust. I am often asked by people in person and virtually where I get my ideas from. While there is no direct answer to the way my brain works and sees things, I do soak up a lot of inspiration from outward sources. 
I thought it would be a neat idea to do a series of posts of sharing where some of my inspiration comes from.
I will be going through everything from books, designers to instagram. I hope you enjoy a peek into my favourites.

Alright today we are delving into painting territory.
I am not a full time furniture painter nor do I really want to be. My dream is to own a successful business that combines my love of painting furniture with vintage excessive-ness and lovely home decor one of a kinds that can't be found at your local big box store. Bringing lovely things to turn a house into a home.
I have had great success with my furniture pieces and have learned soooo much along the way. I have had the great honour of beginning to partner with my painting idol Miss Mustard Seed and been asked to do some exciting soon to be shared things with the brand of General Finishes. Late last summer I did a post on my painting tips and tidbits, so if you missed that you can find it here.
No matter what type of painter you are though, everyone needs inspiration. A place to visit to get your ideas flowing. Many many bloggers paint furniture, many have their own techniques and favourite brands. I would like to share with you today the bloggers that I return to again and again via their blogs and pinterest with the most amazing redo's in their own style (a very important factor) and done exceptionally well. They have attention to detail, technique abounds, and they are not just throwing paint on every piece of furniture but being purposeful in their work.
So obviously we are starting with Marian aka Miss Mustard Seed. As a painter/ blogger you may be living under a rock if you haven't visitied her site but if so, I am here to show you the light. Some of my personal favourites of hers:

 and I know this next one is a cheater as it isn't technically paint but check out the fabric wall treatment in her bedroom. fantastic!

No more gushing, moving on.

Angela from the blog Number Fifty-Three has a lovely modern eclectic blog and does some fantastic furniture makeovers. Her home is an ever changing circulation of  pieces and I love seeing how she puts her spaces together. She does a lot of blue pieces and almost makes this blue non-lover change sides. But check out some of these amazing pieces.

Next up is a blog friend of mine that I am hoping to scoop out a meeting with in the spring at one of her barn shows, Cassie from Primitive & Proper. 
Cassie is a lovely person and that comes out in the writing in her blog. She seems very genuine and her furniture redo's are quite outstanding.

Check out these gems:





Barb from Knack Studios. I have her book and she always sticks to her own style. She has extreme attention to detail which I admire, and she names each piece she finishes the most fantastic names. 


I don't know much about the personality behind the blog The Weathered Door but, I do know that when the furniture redo's come up in my reader, I am always smitten with the colour choices, texture and finish put into them. I'll be honest, while looking for my favourites tonight, I got distracted by the amazing-ness all over again and started pinning.

Now without making this blog post ridiculously long, here are some other of my favourites worth checking out if you are interested:

Have a good day all,



  1. OH MY GOODNESS! what a nice surprise, meg! thank you so much for sharing some of my work up here with some of MY favorites!!!

  2. Oh my gosh! I just discovered this! Thank you so much for sharing my furniture. The others that you featured are some that I avidly follow and love! :)

    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

  3. This is so nice! Such great people and painters here, I follow them all!
    Thanks for sharing :)

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  5. There are a couple here that I'm not familiar with. I'll check them out. The pieces that you highlighted are fabulous. Of course the furniture pieces themselves have great lines. I've seen some horrible painted furniture attemps in some of the vintage shops and antique malls in my area. There is a man in my area that paints furniture that is exquisite. His finishes are as smooth as butter and he ships all over the country. A couple of celebrities own pieces painted by him.


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