Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Winter Mantel: Project Two of 2014

Thank you for your wonderful comments yesterday about our patina style spare bedroom.

In following the first project of the year with our chalkboard wall, as I took down the Christmas mantel in our living room I whitewashed our brick.

I have wanted to change the brick for quite some time and didn't think completely painting it out would suit our rustic style.  The whole wall only took me about 1.5-2 hours to complete and I love the lighter results.

The previous brick was a peachy tone and now is rustic white brick. 

the change also made me switch up the arrangement and split up the tigers a little. give them your space you know? with the white brick their fur stands out a little more but i am getting used to it.


 How I did the whitewashing:

i used some leftover cloud white ceiling paint and mixed it 50/50 with water. after taping off the black paint, i brushed on the paint and lightly dabbed it off with a shop towel. i initially was rubbing off a lot of the paint but the brick was soaking it up and i wanted the white to be noticeable so i was only lightly patting in actuality.

with the fireplace on, the paint was dry in less than an hour and redecorated 30 mins after that.
in essence this project is easily done in an afternoon or an evening.

just as a reference to what the brick looked like before

Well I'm scratching things of my to-do list like crazy lately and feel pretty productive. I'm sure that is going to crash in soon but I have my eye on learning my new serger this week so wish me luck.

Have a good day,


  1. LOVE the brick whitewashed...your mantel looks great!!

  2. Pretty and fresh! Great idea and thanks for scaring your tips. I am considering doing this to out brick. Wonderful change!

  3. Looks fantastic!! Great job Meg! :)


  4. I like the softer look of the brick and I would have guessed that it was a much harder project. Good to know. You are getting a lot accomplished. Good luck with the serger. One of my sisters and my sil both love their sergers.


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