Thursday, January 30, 2014

Take me to the movies....

Trevor and I don't go to the movies very often. I don't know why, it isn't for lack of loving movies. I am lucky in the respect that we share taste in movies, there is no crabbing when deciding what to watch because that is a chick flick and I like action flicks just as much as the next guy unless there is torture involved then I am under a pillow or in another room or suddenly have an affliction to visit the bathroom. We both share the same stupid meter when it comes to movies, where stupid is between hilarious and downright ridiculous why did they make this into a movie, I don't get poo humour kinda flick.

In my opinion no movie night is complete without the traditional popcorn. I don't generally get the ginormous bags they give you at the movies but doesn't mean I don't want to stick my head in the bag and devour it all. Since we don't go to the movies a lot that left making popcorn at home, which left me with 2 issues. The microwave popcorn first is awful for you and the one that isn't supposed to be awful takes like paper. Second, microwave popcorn gives me NIGHTMARES. I mean sawing people's heads off being burned alive nightmares. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. 

In the interest of self-preservation, I stopped making popcorn at home.

Insert Sad Face here!

My mom also shares a love of popcorn and found this machine by Cuisinart at Canadian Tire on sale and brought it home to try last summer and loved it. She raved about it to us, made us some popcorn, showed me how easy it was and I was hooked. I did however kind of forgot about it, until it appeared under my Christmas tree from Santa.

Oh my friends, this little machine is fantastic and has brought my love of popcorn to an all time high. You only need 1 tsp of an oil (canola etc.) and the machine makes you a pile of popcorn your size in under 10 min. The health benefits of popcorn without the added pile of crap on it are great. High high in fibre and so much better than chips in the fat department seeing as popcorn iteself hardly has any fat at all.
We generally melt 2 tbsp becel margarine for the whole bowl and sometimes add a smidge (or a dollop) of franks red hot or a little brown sugar for a kettle style corn.


Of course I put my popcorn in ironstone. Who doesn't I say?
For all the good points of this machine, the only complaint is the top clear bowl is supposed to just flip over with a lid on the bottom and become the bowl but the lid only stayed on the first time and now falls off so into the ironstone the popcorn goes.

I used to have one of those air popper machines, but the popcorn always tasted a bit rubbery? not sure if that is the right word but it didn't have that fluffy crunch like the movies. This machine gives you the movies in pajamas, although the last time I was actually at the movies, the pajama part did not seem to be a concern for some. Just sayin'.


The clear bowl and middle popping plate are even dishwasher friendly.

Lover of popcorns unite with the Easypop revolution!

Insert happy face here!

BTW: this wasn't a sponsored post, Cuisinart has no idea who I am. I love popcorn a lot and thought there may be another lover suffering from having their head chopped off at night from microwave popcorn who could use a healthy way to pop to success.

Have a great day all,

Some awesome pillows and things being added to the shop tonight. I cut up the maority of the pillows for the shop and show over the last 3 nights. There is something like 80+ covers to sew, I better get to work.


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  1. Oh I love popcorn and this looks like a fabulous popcorn maker. Love this idea. Hugs, Marty

  2. Too funny! Thanks for the review. I love popcorn too but have been avoiding the mircrowave stuff for the reasons you mentioned. Okay maybe not the 'sawing people's heads off... ' part but the rest. I will have to check our Canadian Tire for the price and maybe the flyer will show a sale soon.

  3. Love the movies and I agree with you, gotta have popcorn to watch a good movie. I have not seen this popcorn maker, looks nice. I am going to have to check this out.

    I see your cutting board in the pictures with the popcorn maker, have you checked out my site and the cutting boards I make? Take a look if you get a chance.

    Michael :-)

  4. I have an old (maybe 1970's?) microwave popcorn popper with a little well in the bottom for the popcorn and a lid to keep the popped kernals contained. It works really well, no oil needed at all. Of course I drizzle on a little melted butter and sprinkle on some salt for flavor. The packaged microwave popcorn gives me what I call the "itchy-twitchies"--kind of like an itch combined with an electrical spark that makes my legs twitch and jump. Awful! I think it's the MSG.

  5. We are still old school: heavy kettle with oil, on the stove, white popcorn (none of that crappy yellow stuff for us). It's the way we had it as kids, and it remains the way we think popcorn should taste. lol I guess we never get over our childhood, huh.


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