Thursday, January 16, 2014

Statement Chairs and One Kings Lane

Awhile back I was asked along with a group of bloggers as a part of One King's Lane to show a chair in my home that "is me", is a statement in my home and showcases my style.

I am a chair lover, maybe it is a genetic code thing as my mom is chair obsessed. She brings chairs home like I bring home dressers and ironstone. We are like the adoption agency for unloved furniture in our area. I have been known to stalk Kijiji looking for that perfect vintage piece to add to my home.

 If you love chairs or any furniture like me, then you will love the new Home Decor Resource Guide at One King's Lane.  Their wealth of information allows you to peruse the history of furniture & chairs and find the style of the chair you scooped up off the curb, or at that local thrift store.

I had a really hard time picking the one chair in our home that best describes our style but went with the green velvet and wood vintage chair on our main floor. The mate is found in our basement. I picked these chairs up from a Kijiji ad and the colour suits our home perfectly. They are comfortable and soft to sit in.


Our statement chair relates to our room as depending on the season, a different shade of green is in use as a delightful accent and the vintage nature of the chair ties in with the found treasures that make up our eclectic style.


Check out One King's Lane Home Decor Resource or take a tour through their online sales and scoop yourself up some wonderful inspiration 

Have a nice night everyone,



  1. I love these chairs, too! I'm also a "chair" person, I think! One Kings Lane also asked me to write one of these posts, mine should be up shortly! xoKathleen

  2. Beautifully decorated home, I love your wall of pictures!

  3. Hey, I found your site from Eclectically Vintage. You have a great home and so eclectic. I love that you live with the pieces before selling them. I saw your green buffet off to the right of the green chair. Is this something you have finished yourself. If you did, can I ask what type of paint you used on it? Thank you.

    1. yes it is beth. you can find information about any of the furniture pieces and their posts under the furniture transformations heading. this piece however, was done with annie sloan chalk paint in olive and then gold rub n buff for the highlights. thanks for visiting and have a lovely evening.


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