Thursday, January 9, 2014

Linen, how I love thee....

It is a new year and here at Oliver and Rust, we are making it a new year for the blog too. I have seen a lot of people picking words and making goals. Not really my thing, I try to live full out everyday, it doesn't always play my way but it does provide good learning experiences along the way. I get too sidetracked for words and I feel like everyday should be some sort of reflection of your attempt at your best life. Breaking promises to yourself seems disappointing.
Plus I would probably forget the word, have to refer back to my blog post and that would make me feel like I have early onset Alzheimer's or something.

Oliver and Rust is now accepting sponsors in 2014! I finally got my act together and made up the "Advertise" page. I welcome any inquiries for small and big businesses to work with me.

What does this mean for you the reader?

Well, I PROMISE, DOUBLE CROSS, PINKY SWEAR I will not become one of those blogs doing 5 sponsored posts a week, interspersed with a zillion giveaways and then adding 1 blog post from me per month.

I am only ever going to endorse products I have used and love! I mean love!

This topic brings me to today's post. I discovered my first sponsor about last May. I think I found them on Pinterest and in the heat of preparing for our Houzz photo shoot I did what all sane people do when a photographer is coming to your home. I obsessed about the tea towels that are hanging on my stove and in my laundry room.

What will the people think if I don't have an appropriate towel hanging from my stove? What kind of house is this that she can't find a decent towel to dry her dishes?

Right, I am nuts.

I purchased  a set of the Jazz linen tea towels from Linen Me (which is the company btw) to dry my dishes for the houzz shoot and ended up loving them. I have washed them multiple times and love the rumpled character they come out of the dryer with.

Linen is one of those fabrics that only gets better with age, adds to the aged character of any home but if you hate wrinkles and your OCD starts screaming at you, it could use a smidge of an iron. I like the rumpled wrinkles in Linen and am not much of a fan of ironing, so it is the perfect material for us.

About a month ago I decided I would love to have a really good quality linen tablecloth with black stripes for our dining room and maybe a duvet cover. Our current winter cover was just a cheapo from Ikea and could use replacing. I went back to the Linen Me website and fell in love with the linen black stripe provance tablecloth. As soon as I found what I was looking for, we entered into a blog to blog conversation about sponsorship and the rest is history.

The products I purchased and received were of high quality, shipped with wonderful speed, and great customer service. Linen is not a cheap "for now" choice. It is a quality investment that you will have around for years to come and enjoy.

While I show you my winter dining room and master bedroom we can also revel in the lovely linen that has been added to my decor from Linen Me in England.

a close up of the detail of the linen


the dining room went simple in the way of decor for winter. the plants in the center of the table are frosty ferns and the white reindeer were purchased on clearance from the great Target


such eloquent salt and pepper shakers


Now in the bedroom I ended up choosing the black multi-stripe duvet cover. It has such a nice weight to it compared to the cheaper cotton duvet cover we were using.


i pared down the arrangement on top of our dresser and put some of our accessories away.


the heart coral was a piece we found washed up on the beach on our anniversary trip to samana last year

I am and probably always will be a bit of a vintage thrift shopper but, I also like to invest in certain quality pieces in our home. I hate spending money for the sake of spending money only to have something unravel on me in a few months time or after only a few washes.

If you are in the market for any type of linen, from tablecloths to bed linens and of course the aforementioned tea towels check out Linen Me, not because I told you too or because they are my sponsor but because you too enjoy quality items and enjoy the rustic provencial look.

Have a great day,


What I'm listening to:

Brighter than Sunshine: Aqualung
Loving you: Paolo Nutini   


  1. Oh I have so much I want to say to you! First of all, I really appreciate your take on the choosing a word thing and making perfect goals. I much prefer your philosophy of viewing each day as a gift and living that way. Why put the pressure on to make such a big project out of things? I don't get it. So I'm with you there. Second, I love everything you do. When my eyes settle on something that resonates with me (on my Pinterest news feed, for instance), without fail it's one of yours. You capture what I long for. So thank you for sharing what you do. You inspire me every day.
    Really like the linen! It's rumpled and broken in like me. :) One last thing, I really like that you add what you're listening to. I need music like I need air.
    Enjoy your day Meg! Lisa G. (fluffy butt farm)

    1. thank lisa. it isn't what works for everyone but i have never been a big new year's person or a resolution person. i try for goals all year, starting something for 1 day never seemed to make sense to me. i am happy and honoured to inspire people like you through my blog.
      music is a huge part of our life and is how we deal with/ celebrate and is on almost always in our home. we listen to a huge variety, probably too much variety sometimes but we love it.
      have a wonderful day

  2. I don't make resolutions either, I try to live "one day at a time" and at my age EACH day is a continual blessing! LOVE the tablecloth, it is PERFECT in your dining room. I so love your style. Sorry I have been MIA in commenting but the holiday just got to me, WAY too much to try to keep up with. Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Great linens - especially love the duvet.

  4. Oh, good. Because yours is one of an ever decreasing number of blogs that my older computer can navigate easily. Some are so loaded with ads, especially those in BlogHer, that they are really frustrating to even try to read.

    1. i am with you teddee. i find it very frustrating visiting some blogs and not being able to find their search bar or previous posts because of all of the ads. there won't be any of that and no video ads that start screeching once you open my page. thank you for being a loyal reader.

  5. LOVE your new linens Meg and I LOVE absolutely everything about these two rooms!!

  6. Love the new linens, Meg. I'm not a resolutions or word of the year type either. I change my mind too much for that and don't like feeling limited in my goals or ambitions. Wishing you a great weekend.


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