Monday, January 13, 2014

Crate Shelving for Project #3

So, that is a bit of a white lie. This technically isn't project #3, it is just the order it landed into my blog schedule.

Prior to Christmas actually, Trevor and I went to meet a guy through a friend that had a load of Ontario wood pear crates he needed out of his garage. We definitely helped and brought home a truck that was loaded up.

These crates are going to be for sale at our spring show and they are also going to be used for display (we bought quite a few) but, of course in came the 1 for you, 1 for me theory that always happens when you work with things you love.

The shelf in our front hall was a glass cabinet from Ikea that I "zinced" with chalkboard paint and has been gorgeous there for about 4 years. I just wanted a change, and many lovely bloggers on Pinterest and in magazines had given me the idea to make a crate shelf for display.

I left our Edward Spera Amongst the Thorns painting where it was with the antique piano light above (this is the light I used to practice under as a child, vintage and meaningful) and just started building up. Trevor screwed the boxes together inside with 4 screws, 1 at each corner. The shelf was actually less wobbly than our glass cabinet so is not attached to the wall but should be if you have rambunctious animals or small children. Milo does not count as rambunctious anymore.


i styled the shelf with a mixture or our African treasures, my camera collection and some bits and other oddities in our stock.


the preserved cypress is from Restoration Hardware and is a nice little change from the boxwoods but same idea, not fake, won't die.

Have a lovely day all,


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  1. I love it, what a great idea. Looks fabulous and your vignettes are always wonderful. Hugs, Marty

  2. I love it too! btw...where did you get all of your animal pictures? Or are they your photography?

    1. hi susan. all of the animal paintings in our home are done by a local artist friend named edware spera. he can be found at thanks for visting.

  3. What a great look! Wise tip about anchoring to the wall with kids too. Looking forward to your Spring sale date being announced. Wouldn't want to miss it.

  4. love them and just love how they are styled!

  5. Nothing like a great old wood crate to get the styling juices perking. I love old wood anything, trays, boxes, crates. So much anybody with some imagination can do with them. Then a person can always use crates to store things and stack them but that's too predictable. Love how you styled crates with old cameras, photos, everything you used is great, conversation starters. Good idea to secure them together. We have a black lab/border collie that's like a bull in a china shop, cracks me up, nothing is safe on our coffee table. Great post Happy days

  6. I love crate shelving myself and have a few of them around my home.
    Visiting from Common Ground today.
    Beautiful home you have!


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