Thursday, October 31, 2013

Pinterest Inspiration: October 2013

Happy Halloween!

Are you getting your goblin on tonight?
We have just returned from an amazing 4000 km roadtrip to the south, details to come with lots and lots of photos to share.

With the end of Halloween here, and Thanksgiving over it is the gentle beginning of the holiday season. Glitz and glamour will be slowly making their way out of giant rubbermaid boxes. Me lovey Christmasases!

As some of you are rolling your eyes about Christmas and the rest of you are inwardly or outwardly I suppose as giddy as me about the holidays, how about some inspiration from this past months Pinterest feed.

No winter lasts forever, no spring skips its turn 

metal clip stand with antique photo 

i love this clip stand. it is probably diy-able but has anyone seen these in stores? 

The Aestate: ikea besta hack + tv styling 

perfect colours and that cabinet is apparently an ikea hack. love it 

fall tablescape 

a fantastic tablescape with a plaid blanket tablecloth 

Wood trimmed built in hutch. Possibility for bookcases in family rm. or kitchen cabinets- leave glass doors wood and paint all trim and other cabinets BM simply white. 



subway tile, grey grout, black tub, brass hardware. mmm mmm good.

Baked Pasta with Sausage and Spinach | Skinnytaste 

made it with regular sausage. great recipe. 

Have a great candy filled night everyone,



Monday, October 28, 2013

Voted Most Popular

The start to a new week has begun.
The cool weather is upon us and I can feel my last ride on the tractor looming.

Since I started this blogging home decor journey a few years ago, there is one post that has definitely grabbed the cake for being the most popular. It steamed ahead with page views from here, Pinterest, Ana White, Hometalk, Facebook etc.

The x-base console table that Trev and I built last summer has seen its share of the then mt-tails now Oliver and Rust spotlight.

I thought I would do a little thank you for visiting so often and a review of the console tablescapes since last year.

only a slight change for last fall, still showcasing that galvanized top

ah Christmas. i loved this large toolbox full of glitz and glamour but it proved to be a giant room divider. it won't make an appearance again this year but i still love it. sigh


winter 2013, i added a light brown stripe grainsack on top of the table for lightness and i haven't taken it off since. it's just so european pretty.


spring and green.

summer and the addition of the salty nuts can

 NOW. fall vintage fresh. (and the first photo of this table with my new camera)

I wouldn't change a thing about how we built this and it has proven to be an excellent table and conversation piece. We are proud of this cheapo piece of furniture we built ourselves and it isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

Thanks for voting her most popular!


Thursday, October 24, 2013

a new old light for the lovely couple

A few months ago i think I did a little update in our upstairs hallway and added some shutters with a photo of the most lovely elderly couple standing in what appears to be a field or an orchard. I imagine them to have loved one another, fought with one another, and had a fantastic life together. I don't know these people but their photo lives on our wall as a piece of art.

I don't really have lamps in this hallway. Tried that. When this window is open we get gale force winds that blow out all the dust and then the lamps off of tables.

I had an antique desk lamp in my storage hoard room and used a metal drill bit to put a hanging hole in the base.

Voila new wall lamp and a lit hallway

i changed out the black bird cage for the old brass birdcage from our basement as it was displaced with the recent furniture ADD issue down there

if you squint really hard you can see the screw at the top of the lamp that holds it in the wall plug for hanging. add a timer and you have a great antique night light

Have a great day,

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Grey End Tables

Good Tuesday morning to you all.

Before I started the bedroom project I repainted our end tables. I bought them a few years ago from a local soap store already painted. They were starting to chip to reveal black underneath the cream spray so it was time to fix the shabby not chic look.

I used Annie Sloan chalk paint for this project. I wanted a light grey finish for these tables but not just a straight Paris Grey as it tends to run cool and almost blue which is beautiful in most homes, not ours with all the warmer neutrals.


here is the finished table in its new home. the walls look a bit more grey in this photo than the white they are. it is a light grey against white walls.

COMPARISON SHOT: the table in front is the one just finished and the table behind is straight paris grey. it is a bit hard to see but the table behind has a definite cooler tone.


the dresser behind is paris grey with white washing

equal parts 
paris grey
french linen + 1 tbsp (gives more brown than blue tone)
white(i mixed old white and pure white to the amount needed, you can use just pure or just old depending on the tone you are looking for)


i clear waxed the tables and then used the AMAZING miss mustard seeds white wax. i will most likely never do a white wash again because of this product. so much more control of application and it gives the perfect almost concrete look with this grey

you can make out the black chunks on the right hand corner of the table. i blame the vacuum.

Happy Painting all,

Monday, October 21, 2013

Going white in the bedroom

Now that my mind hasn't been consumed with thoughts of shows and painting furniture, my brain has focused in like a scope on the parts of our home that have been niggling at me.
The basement saw some furniture moving and a new table last week and now I have updated our master bedroom.

Our room was fine granted but, any female knows that the word fine doesn't mean fine. It is the farthest thing from fine and often means I am ignoring the problem for the moment but I will deal with you later. Well it's later.

I made the classic mistake when we moved into our home 4.5 years ago and chose paint colours prior to living in the space. I was so ecstatic to be in our dream home, the home we had fought for and just wanted the yucky mud colours gone and threw up neutrals that had worked for us in our previous home. Well we have changed almost all of those colours since then. Our green dining room went White Dove, our front hall went Rockport Gray, the living room saw Baby Fawn. Our upstairs bathroom went from chocolate brown to another Baby Fawn (we must like deer and birds in this house with all the fawn and doves)

Our bedroom was Benjamin Moore Natural Linen and it never looked like linen. You know the kind of linen you see in european linens or on Restoration Hardware chairs. It just looked beigey yellow.

Our bedroom is now Benjamin Moore Simply White OC-117
I did 2 walls at a time (hit the instagram feed in the sidebar to see the disaster photos) and had this banged out in a day. Trevor just shook his head and smiled at me. I really love that man. He hardly ever argues with my ideas and always offers to help.

i am always drawn to rooms with white walls, natural, grey and black accents and lots of silver and gold. the push really came with this room when i saw editor sarah gray milller's home in country living. our room is now a sea of textures with less colour, and more personality for a restful space.

the wall of antique windows.


i had painted this mirror last year in a lightened french linen but needed more drama on this wall so went over it with miss mustard seeds colour of the month typewriter and hemp oil.
the awesome wood corbels were actually for sale in the show and no one snapped them up so i shopped my own stock when i came up with this idea and they are now tagged NFS

i made a new black and white ticking pillow cover for this lumbar pillow and the rest of the linens are white

i moved the scarf rack that was here into my closet and made a simple vignette in its place. i liked having my scarves out but at the same time they were visual clutter that my cat kept trying to pull down and move for me


these end tables were redone with a custom grey finish that i will share tomorrow.

the view from bed. that white unit up on the wall i try not to include in most photos as it is a mechanical and not so pretty feature but it keeps me pretty. that is a ductless split air conditioner my lovely sweet husband installed 2 years ago. we live in a 2 storey home and our bedroom faces west which means it sees sunshine until 930pm in the summer. our house ac would be cranking until all hours of the night trying to keep up even with all of our blinds closed. this unit is 1 ton of cooling, keeps our upstairs cool, uses 75% of the energy of our big ac which means it runs a lot less and i sleep like a log

i swapped out this trunk from outside and went with a much simpler vignette than before with just a german grainsack and a moose antler.
this gray army blanket was a thrift find and i made the black grainsack pillow


the pillow is 2 sided and the other side is the black and white ticking

a peek into the hallway

I also thought I would just add that I had this paint matched to Behr paint and primer at Home Depot. We have been fans of Behr paint for quite some time and I thought I would give this new type a shot. I have to say in all honesty, I am not sure it was worth the extra 12.00 a gallon. I still did 2 coats and touchups which would have been the same with their regular paint. Has anyone else tried this paint and felt good or bad about it?
Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to check out the end table details tomorrow.

Have a great day,


Friday, October 18, 2013

I Love Artissimo

I hope you enjoyed your tour of the basement yesterday. Welcome back to some table details.
Now if you have followed this blog for any amount of time, you know I do not love blue. It is not my favourite colour by a long shot. It's down there with pink and orange. I mostly feel this way about sky blue but, when I saw the original product shoot for Miss Mustard Seeds then new Artissimo milk paint it was like being in the V8 commercial and being hit in the head. I knew instantly that it would be the perfect colour for a table in our basement to blend into the persian rugs and still look neutral.

Oh sometimes my head is right and this one was right on the money I think,

I found the table at a thrift store and loaded and unloaded it into our truck myself on my lunch hour. It isn't light, I was dying.

It has found a new home in our basement and will find lots of use as a pizza/scrabble argument table.

i did 2 coats of artissimo milk paint with no bonding agent. i sanded the table prior to painting and luck of the draw not much chipping with this one. i added 2 coats of hemp oil which give the colour a great deep tone. i added 1 light coat of mms wax on the tabletop for extra durability


BEFORE (kind of: after sanding before)

DURING: this is the colour prior to any oil and waxing

Have a great day all,

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Going Underground: Welcome to the Basement

Good morning everyone!

The cool weather and a found table have moved us back underground.
I also realized I hadn't really shown the basement here on the blog since about January.
Yikes! Irresponsible blogger. I slap myself on the hand, trust me.

Let's get back to some home decorating at Oliver and Rust.
And what is decorating here without some painting too.
I got a reorganizing furniture moving binge on last weekend and then was just waiting for my new present to me chairs for a good show to come in from Restoration Hardware.
So how about an underground tour everyone?
lots of photos, beware. like i said it's been awhile

lots of rich colours, and comfy seating

the table you see in the background is the aforementioned "found table" and saw a new paint job last week. the painting info can be found here. the chairs around it just came in yesterday.
they are the Madeline chairs from Restoration Hardware in weathered oak

the fall leaves look perfect in this setting. and what is that in the background?


OMG, it's a motorcycle. that's right everyone. I have a man in the house and this 1972 Honda CT-70 was his first motorcycle many many years ago. It was actually his mom's prior to that and his dad finally surrendered it to him. To all the naysayers out there that didn't think I was letting a motorcycle in the house, it was my idea and there she is. I also have one happy hubby right now.
 The media console beside it was his grandfathers and has attracted a lot of attention. It is old and we love that it has a story.

i am still stalking kijiji for a full size sofa that i love and will be comfortable without the bulky look. no luck so far but patience is a virtue when it comes to kijiji


this is the side of the room that saw the furniture moving. everything was on an angle before and i straightened it out to give more space plus the ability to drag other chairs into the conversation if needed. the green damask pillows are mine and i have them available in my store

Thanks for coming down.
One day I'll make a decision on the faucet for the bar and be able to show it to you. Anybody know of any unlacquered brass faucets that won't cost a mortgage payment?

Table details can be found here,


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